This Local Girl

I'm just a girl... I'm just a girl living in Hawaii... I'm just a girl living in Hawaii with my little family of boys, making our life here in paradise into our own little version of sweet local living.  I look for sunrises over the Pacific Ocean and chase sunsets across the Ko'olau mountains and try to make the moments in between as sweet as can be. 

You may be wondering, (I know I was)...

A blog?... Really?... Why me?... Why now?... 

I asked myself this a lot over the months leading up to this one.  I'm still asking myself this today. I thought about what I might have to offer-- and came up with... hmmm, okay, 'didn't actually come up with anything... still workin' on that one, please check back. 

I asked myself whether I had the time to give to this blog as I am raising two beautiful boys and I make it a point to regularly greet my husband when he walks in the door from work with "oh my, I have been sooo busy today (sigh)... so sorry dinner isn't ready (sigh, some more)... wanna do take out? (trying not to look too eager)".

( This works best if one appears ridiculously frazzled and if, as soon as one hears one's husband pull into the driveway, one convinces kids (preferably your own, but let's not be picky-- any little buggers will do) to run around in circles chanting "pizza! pizza!")  

So... when I first considered writing a blog a little voice in my head whispered, "whoa, slow down tiger... you know you really should wait for the ideal time, preferably when you are your ideal weight (I'm a girl, I struggle with weight issues-- shocker, I know) and mostly when you're an all-around "ideal" version of you", um... okay?...   

So, I began the long, really quite absurd, wait for the ideal time, with a toddler that would be, like... never.  And I waited 'til I reached my ideal weight...o.k. no I didn't 'cause I'm still waiting... s-t-i-l-l... w-a-i-t-i-n-g... umm, not cute.

And while waiting for me to be "ideal me" it donned on "real me"... I pretty much suck at waiting. 

So this is me, as I am today, living out loud. It may not be ideal me, it certainly isn't all of me, but I promise it will be authentic me. I hope that you'll join me here on this little wave that is local sugar. What are you waiting for? Come on, just as you are. Come write these lines.


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