Aloha Sweet Friend,
It means so very much that you are on this little ride with me here at Local Sugar Hawaii.
 I'd love for you to share in the sweetness even more by advertising and growing with me. 

We sure are having fun, daily, on this adventure, and I think you'll just love being an even bigger part of it.

Now, on to the kind of awkward, not so fun, but super important for you to know so you can make the right choice for you and your sweet project stuff...

My Stats:

1000 Followers via Feedburner
1040 Followers via GFC, G+ and BlogLovin'
1500 Facebook Followers
830 Twitter Followers
230 Pinterest Followers

I post original family friendly posts 5-6 times a week.
I host a sweet Wordless Wednesday link up and An Aloha Affair weekly.

Local Sugar Hawaii has over 41,000 page views
and last month had over 7,400 views

I also advertise regularly on other blogs reaching a wide range of audiences, here are just a few of the beautiful bloggers I am happy to support.

Current Paid Ads 

The Naptime Review
Today With The Tennerys

Past Paid Ads 

The Shine Project
The Life of A Not So Ordinary Wife
Wild and Free

>> all ad sizes and pricing subject to change as we grow
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