posted on: 6.06.2013

Summer starts on Maui with the opening of the outrigger canoe regatta season.  Or at least it did for us.  Is there anything quite like the almost silent sound of paddles cutting into the water when a steersman shouts "Imua" and suddenly six individuals pull forward, as one?  It's breathtaking and thrilling and it's a chicken skin sort of connection to the Polynesian voyagers who have gone before.  Also, it's our state team sport and a sort of all access pass to some of the best beaches.  So, yeah, there is that.  

This past weekend we slathered on the sunblock and prepared ourselves to wear salt spray like this season's finest cologne.  Is there any sweeter summer smell than the sea itself?  Really?  Okay maybe BBQ.  Maybe. 

Our Tyty is paddling his first season this year.  Although he's  technically too young to race in any of the line ups that count, points wise, we couldn't be more proud of his new found love for the sport.  And my goodness the friendships that are forged during a summer spent paddling in Hawaii; when you go out together to meet the sea. 

We'll be wearing out our slippers on the sands across Maui this summer.  And I suspect, when it's all said and done, that Maui salt spray will be permanently affixed to our souls, a thing we'll carry with us for a good long while.  You know?

Save you a spot on the sand?

Be well.
Live Sweet,


  1. Nicole, your posts just make me endlessly happy and transmit that warm feeling of connection to good folks, the ocean, and paddling- oh man it sounds awesome! Aloha <3

  2. Love your photos. I'd like to be in Maui right now. ;)


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