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posted on: 1.01.2013

A few photos and thoughts of Utah, to keep you, as we make our way back home to the islands, and that reality that I know is waiting for us, although I sure do wish it wasn't, over the days ahead.  I think, sometimes, I could lose myself in this Utah, well, mostly in my dear sweet sister and all the little loved ones we have here.  Sometimes.

Oh for the love of sledding.  I've never, in my whole entire EVER gone sledding like we did in the Utah canyons.  They close a whole long powder fresh stretch of road for sledders, well, sort of, it's more a sort of "you go, then I go" type of turn taking with those mammoth sized Utahan cars.  And then they tow you up, on a four wheeler, to the tippity top of the canyon road and let you, on your plastic sort of chariot, stampede your way right back down in a head to head  race with other winged heeled sledders and also the sound of your own laughter.  Oh to chase the sound of sweet laughter (read as: screams of terror mixed with joy, mixed with "my God the moon rising through the trees and all the while the fresh snow falling" sort of take your breath away revelation). Is there any more worthy pursuit, really?  

I just know, sometimes, I could so completely lose myself in this Utah.

We loved it all so that we went back for seconds, a whole day more of sledding and hot hot cocoa, because that's what you should do, you know?  When you love a thing.  I mean really love it... you should spend all the time you can with it.  Although, it turns out that one good run was plenty good for me.  Probably because, it also turns out that hitting a snow bank and lying awkwardly on the snow covered road for a good long laugh is a wonderful in the moment sort of an idea until you discover that all the while  your jeans have been soaking up that wet winter cold and brrr...

Just brrr.

Thank you.  For being on this little ride with me.  For being wonderful you.  For letting me be little 'ole me.

Here's to a new year, a 2013.  
A series of days, filled with moments, filled with great adventures and beautiful living. Cheers.

Be well.
live sweet, 


  1. Beautiful pictures and memories with your family. :)

    May you feel the love and peace of Jesus as you make your way back to Hawaii.

  2. Happy New Year! Love reading your blog, so keep it going!

  3. It looks like you could also quite literally lose yourself in all that snow!! How much fun :-) Hope you've had a fantastic new year.
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the kind words you shared when I was going through a dark time. Let's hope 2013 brings a bit more light into my life. I'm now following your wonderful blog!


  4. Wow, that looks cold. I'm in Australia, we have the thongs on and the sunscreen out. Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year! Looks like you and your family had great fun!

  6. Finally visiting your blog from the GFC Blog hop! So glad I did! I live in Utah and while the snow is cold and wet and gets complained about often, it's such a fun thing to be out in with family. Looks like you had a great trip!


  7. oh that looks so so pretty nicole.
    i know your lil islander self froze in this beautiful white stuff and i just got a lil cold for you but i also know you soaked up every lovely moment of it too! :)


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