a walk through chinatown, and...

posted on: 6.28.2012

A thank you.

I do so love the quiet of the North Shore.  
The intimacy with the land and the sea that goes so naturally hand in hand with living in the sweet Hawaiian country.  

But sometimes I crave the hustle and bustle of the city streets, ya know?  

And that is how, on a perfectly good beachy Saturday afternoon we found ourselves on the streets of Chinatown.

One of the sweetest things about living on O'ahu is the city.  There is something magical about downtown Honolulu.  Oh, it certainly is not a New York City city but we do have the tall buildings and busy streets and ooh, ooh, ooh our Chinatown.

Oh you guys,
Honolulu's Chinatown district is alive with restaurants and music and art galleries and the very sweetest of little shops.  And this weekend the art galleries and music venues will be celebrating that creativity with Find ART, a festival for the senses.

And you can Eat The Street Friday starting at four when a whole heap of lunch wagons will roll up and offer yumminess to the downtown crowds.  Shall we go together, you and I, and shall we  try EVERYthing like good tourists should?

live sweet,

About that "thank you"... 
You have to know guys that I am oh so protective of this space we are creating here.  A silly combination of our home internet going kapoowy and of pressing deadlines has meant I have not been able to add some of the personal touches I would have liked to this week's posts.  
Thank you for being you and for being here and... for understanding.

some stories are magical...

posted on: 6.26.2012

ugh pictures.  

But, sometimes... Some stories, are just so incredibly magical they are meant to be sung.  

Here is one of our fellow "riders" on this little wave of life...

 Local Sugar Hawaii follower and just all around beautiful human being Tara Polly and her husband singing their sweet version of Jason Mraz's Sunshine Song.

Link up with us below for an easy sort of being together with friends.

live sweet,

You can visit Tara here, if you please, and if you do would you please send along my aloha too.

once upon a do- over...

posted on: 6.24.2012

This, little rambling right here, is my once upon a do over story. My moment in this messy little life when, well... if I could, I'd use the very widest of brushes dipped in the biggest vat of white out and I'd try again to write the lines of this life just a bit sweeter than the first time around.  

Oh, once upon a time, (like, just the other day)... I was desperately in need of a do over, ya know?  I stood at the edge of that sweet pool of water during our little staycay at Turtle Bay Resort and I watched the boys splash and swim and smile for hours. 

It seems, as a mom, sometimes I am often so very content to find all my joy in the smiles of these little boys of mine.  And sometimes that is just as it should be... me, as mother, quietly standing by ready to swoop in should there be even the slightest suggestion that I am needed to kiss away a booboo, or mend a hurting heart.  And I don't know that I would give up that role, really, ever.  I suspect that even when they are themselves standing by as vigilant parents watching and waiting for their own little ones to need them, well, even then, I suppose I will be standing by with my own eyes on them, ready, just in case, you know?

But sometimes, like this time right here, well... sometimes it seems that my willingness to stand by "at the ready" is a bit of an excuse to not fully live my own life.  To not take that plunge in to those cold new waters and to not have to know and feel for myself what it is like to be pushed and pulled by the currents. 

And so, I have to tell ya I stood on the edge of that rock and watched the boys through the lens of my camera and I later found myself on a chaise lounge basking in the light of their laughter.    Which was all so very lovely to be sure.

But, if I had it to do over.  If I had that early summer afternoon back I'd have written myself into the story, not as a narrator, an observer and keeper of memories, but as a character, a major player in that afternoon's story.  I would have stood on that rock for but a moment.  And, after having sufficiently teeter tottered on it's edge, I would have sucked in one giant breath, pushed off from it and I would have seen just what that moment looked like from the inside.  

And, I just know it would've been sweet to have my own laughter written into the lines of that day, ya know... if I could have just that one little afternoon... to do over.

Do you sometimes wish for a once upon a do over?

live sweet,

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  I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

aloha friday hop...

posted on: 6.22.2012

--Featured Blog of the Week: --According to L--
Here's a little info about Liz from According to L:  I started this blog as a way to keep track of my recipes, and then developed into a forum for tutorials and memory book on my life and my kids and my family.  I am so excited to share my tales with you and hope that you find inspiration, hope and humor in my posts.

The blog and shop is a source of fun for me, not livelihood (yet), though that it my dream someday *sigh*  My life is probably no different from many of my readers, but I like that.  I like that we all share something in common, especially when things get tough or troublesome.  It's always nice to know you're not alone, and thanks to this place, I never am.

This is all about sharing the Aloha spirit with other bloggers out there and helping each other to gain some exposure and find some awesome blogs to read!!!  You don't have to be from Hawai'i to participate!  In fact, we encourage and welcome people from all over the world to join us on this Aloha Friday Blog hop!

What's neat about our Blog Hop:

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Happy Aloha Friday!

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on whales...

posted on: 6.21.2012

And other tales.

I had this whole big huge pile of driftwood from that long "Jack Johnson- stalking- driftwood wreath- walking" that we did on the beach last week.  Remember that?  No?  You can read a bit about it here, if you like.  

Well, so there that pile sat and I thought, to myself, each time I walked past it "geesh what am I gonna do with all of that".  And Charlie thought, out loud, each time he walked past it "geesh, what is she gonna do with all of that".  That Charlie.

And of course just the other day, just the thing came to me, like divine driftwood inspiration, you know?  I was hit with just the very use for just one measly piece of drift wood from that big giant pile.  

And after doing a little Pottery Barn and Etsy poking around for design ideas and seeing the prices for whale mobiles on those sites well, I was even more sure that we, you and I and Charlie, well, we should have our very own driftwood whale mobile and we should make it with our very own two hands and we should say how much more meaningful it is that we made it ourselves, all the while really meaning "well, can you believe I did that for maybe two bucks versus thirty, forty, seventy dollars" and also we can now walk by the pile of driftwood in that very same spot and think to ourselves, "geesh, what are we gonna do with all that minus one measly piece".

You're welcome very much Charlie.  An-nnd now...

A Drift Wood and Felt Whale Mobile


1 large piece of driftwood
Fishing line
Felt in desired colors
6 buttons
Needle and thread
Craft Glue
Drill and small drill bit

Step One.  Make a template for your whales, this can easily be done on a sheet of scratch paper.  Trace your template three times (if you are making three whales) on to the felt and then flip the template over and trace three more times.  This will make a front and back for each whale and will allow you to have all of the marks from your tracing on the inside of the whales.

Step Two.  Cut out a template for the whales underbelly, fin and any other embellishments you would like.  Trace on to felt and cut out for each whale.  You can also trace and cut out any other items you might want on your mobile, I used simple circles because they are easy to cut and suggest under sea bubbles.

Step Three.  Glue or sew on the underbelly of the whale to each side, you should have a total of six if you are making three whales.  ( Just a little tip: This was hard for perfectionist-ish me to do, but... resist the temptation to trim off the excess bits of felt.  You'll be matching up the two sides of the whale later and once the glue is dry and the project pretty much complete and your sure nothing's gonna move well, then you can trim and primp and make perfect-ish)  Let dry, if using glue.

Step Four.   Holding two sides of the whale together stitch the fin and button on to the whale so that the two sides come together, and each has a fin and button.

Step Five.  Open up the whale and tie a long piece of fishing line around the thread that is on the inside of the whale.  This line will be what the whale hangs from and will need to be long, (you will cut any excess off later).

Step Six.  Glue, or stitch, the two sides of the whale together being sure to pull fishing line out at the top.  Tape fishing line with whale attached to the edge of a table or other elevated surface.  Let dangle to dry.

Step Seven.  Place a generous amount of glue on one circle and with fishing line, (which should have a whale dangling at the bottom most point), in the center attach a second circle so that they hang together.  Continue as desired.  Let dry. 

Step Eight.  Drill holes in your drift wood, really you can use any wood you'd like.  Drill three even spaced holes for your whale and bubble strings.  Drill one hole about an inch and a half to two inches in from each end of the driftwood for the fishing line you will use to hand your mobile.

Step Nine.  Thread fishing line, with whale and bubbles attached, through each hole.  Securely tie a double knot at the top and snip off any excess line. Trim, primp, make nice any bits on the whales and bubbles that might be misaligned.  It's glue, and felt and dangling-- things are bound to not match up exactly, now's the time to trim as needed.

Step Ten.  Cut a long strand of fishing line and thread, from the top of the mobile, through each of the two holes at the ends of the driftwood.  Securely double knot each end.

And as Sean says ALL the time...

"Daaa Daa"!

Your very own Driftwood Whale Mobile.

live sweet,


you, me and udi's...

posted on: 6.20.2012

Sean and Tyty and I tore in to a box that was sitting on our front porch waiting for us when we got home from an adventure out in the big, big world.  

And boy, oh boys were we excited.  

Isn't it the very sweetest when you stumble over something yummy, I mean after you catch yourself and steady yourself and stop yourself from yelling at the littlest of people for leaving their toys out, ya know? 

Well, waiting for us inside that corrugated box was another box filled to the brim with crunchy goodness-- four bags of crunchy goodness to be exact.  Udi's Gluten Free Foods, the number one gluten free baked goods brand sent us a bag of each of their four granola varieties which are now carried in over one-hundred and fifty Wal-Mart stores across our beautiful country, you know what that means right guys, that means there's a pretty darn good chance you can get them someplace close to you

So, here's the thing guys.  I don't actually need or shop gluten free.  Lucky me, right?  But I do have friends who do have allergies to gluten and I always thought, "my goodness that must be hard"-- but, really I had no idea just how hard.  

Gluten is found in so many things.  Like bread, oh geesh what would I do without bread for a sand which or two for a sweet summer picnic? Well Udi's revolutionized the whole concept of gluten-free with the introduction of the first gluten-free bread that tastes and looks like the "real" stuff.  With all natural ingredients and very few preservatives why would I not fall madly and deeply in love with their yumminess, especially if it's all so good you truly wonder if it's really gluten free.  And, if the granola yumminess that we devoured is any indication, well... 
oh, my yum.  

If you'd like you can use Udi's store locator to find a place to grab some of the yumminess near you, here it is guys:  

Or you know we could plan a road trip to Denver to pick up a loaf of bread or two.  And, also, if we could munch on Udi's granola the whole way well, that would make for just a whole heap of gluten free sweetness.  
'Cause that could be fun, you know, you me and Udi's in a car... on the road... really, I think it would.

My fave so far... Udi's Au Naturel Granola

Have you tried Udi's?  And also, am I the last person on earth to try some?  What's your fave?

live sweet,

And... happy summer solstice too.

Summer Solstice Yogurt Parfaits

1 cup vanilla yogurt
2 cups sliced fruit
1/8 cup Udi's Gluten Free Granola
1 tablespoon honey to drizzle

In the very cutest of cute little cups, layer vanilla and fruit slices.  Top with granola and drizzle with honey.  Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This is a review guys.  Udi's Gluten Free Foods provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review, but really guys if I'm writing about it here and using our little space here to share it, it has to be good, 'cause you're that important to me, ya know? 

a good friend, a song, a giveaway, a link up...

posted on: 6.19.2012

Join me, if you please, for this ride.

A simple Wordless Wednesday link up.
A quiet moment with friends.
A sweet song.
A sharing of light.

No rules, just an easy sort of being together
 as good friends so often do. 

live sweet,

more from Aikahi Park...


They are the very sweetest of brothers.

This day.  This was good.

live sweet,

And tomorrow, if you like, you can link up and sit for a spell with sweet sweet friends during wordless Wednesday.  

That.  That would be nice.

on spit and other playground etiquette...

The thing to do after a good long sit in the dentist's chair, well, clearly the thing to do is to go to a playground and play those wiggles right out. 

And, if your super sweet dentist is in Kailua, well the playground to shake, rattle and wiggle at is Aikahi Elementary School's, "'this playground is CLOSED for summer'-- so, obviously feel free to hop the fence and join all the other picnicking, outlaw mamas spread out along the lawn" playground.  


Oh, you guys Aikahi had like this huge community supported playground face lift, full body nip and tuckity tuck and if you loved the old wooden "sure to get a splinter" awesomeness, well, you'll just adore the recycled composite monument to everything great and community and well, there's like a two story volcano, so, yeah... there's that.

So, there I was lying in a somewhat incredibly awkward position saying "look down at me boys this'll be a great picture" which Seanzy clearly  heard as "spit down at me Seanz, that'd really make my day".  And, when I yelled back in response to his spit "hey, what the...?, stop that Sean, we don't spit, and also, I don't like that, and, that's not o.k., and, do you hear me?..." well, he clearly said in his little two year old mind, "hey would ya look at that?  Mom's like, totally super excited and lovin' it and, yeah sure mom I'll give ya some more of that spit, and here ya go, right here..."  

Seriously, I felt a bit like an entrenched reporter braving the belly of a live volcano whilst under direct enemy fire from the angry natives.  Except, also there were all those picnicking moms sitting around enjoying their picnics and well that little Sean I'm sure he somehow assessed the situation in like two point zero seconds and thought, yup, no way mom is firing back with all these lovely well put together mommies around and so let the rain of spit commence...

And that my darling dears is how a toddler gets the yucky taste of fluoride out of his freshly polished mouth, clearly the thing to do after a long sit in the dentist's chair.

Gurgle, gurgle, rinse and spit.

live sweet,

on having a love affair...

posted on: 6.18.2012

With the 50th State Fair and the ride of life.

We spent the sweetest Father's Day afternoon at the 50th State Fair with the very sweetest of friends.  And the silliness of us being on the asphalt together and the stickiness of foods fried and served on sticks, well it all just got me thinking...

Oh, if I could travel back in time to sit for a spell with young, single Nicole I'd shout at her to ride more rides...

Ride, ride, ride.  

To take life up, so much more often, on it's various offers to throw caution to the wind, to climb on board and to oh so fully and contentedly enjoy the ride.  

To jump at the opportunity to see the world upside down from the inside of a flaming ring of fire in the heat of the noon day sun or from the tippity top of a lighted ferris wheel at dusk.  

To feel what it feels like to have your heart temporarily relocated to your throat as you plummet rapidly down the sling shot.  

And to then get in line to do it again, and again and again.  

And if I could go back in time to sit for a spell with mommy Nicole who just yesterday passed up an opportunity to ride the "Rave" with her very own little Tyty, 'cause you know, I had to hold the bags and watch the stroller and other silly grown up stuff like that, well I'd shout at her too, for pete's sake... 

Ride, ride, ride.  

Oh, you guys how did I not ride that ride with my little Tyty who  so passionately begged  "please mom, please I really wanna ride with you".

Oh, would you please tell me, next time around, should I forget about this time around right here, shout it at me, if you please... to get on that ride. 

Remind me, if you will, that the fair will not stay in this town forever.  That summer is a season with a beginning, middle and a too quickly approaching end.

Advise me, til I so clearly hear, that this summer of Tyty's ninth year will oh so very soon be a faded memory haphazardly tucked in the back pocket of an old pair of jeans to be accidentally found one day. An old ride ticket, no longer redeemable, from a fair that has long since packed up and moved on.  

Caution, won't you please, that Tyty will not always look to me to be his partner on this crazy little ride and that one day so very soon, standing by holding the bags will seem such a silly way to have spent these moments at the fair.  

In this fleeting
 love affair with the 50th State Fair and this silly little ride, this singular life, we get just one ticket to redeem... 

 One chance to ride, one shot to take... here's to making it count.

 Ride, ride, ride.

live sweet,

And if you're Alabama you could sing it to me, if you please.
And I would try oh so very hard to hear it too.


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