when words, they fail us...

posted on: 12.15.2012

A ship and it's reflection.  The Holiday Boat Lights Parade, San Francisco Bay.
I wanted to write you a "happy weekend" post from San Francisco, a brrr it's cold here and there are mobs of santas, really santas, wondering about and isn't that the strangest and the sweetest thing, all at once; this street car laden city filled with "feel it in your bones" holiday spirit.  But sometimes, these times... those words, they fail me.
My heart aches for the parents and families of Connecticut.  For the mothers longing for their beautiful children.  For all who silently hurt, as we carry on with our merry making.  Sometimes sweet joy is a thing that perches so very gently on your soul and at others it, too easily, is a thing carried off by sudden and violent winds. Far too easily.
I know we'll look for answers in the days ahead.  We'll look, for you.  We'll look, for ourselves.  We'll look for the complicated reasons why and we'll hope that simply being able to offer them will somehow make less empty the school desks, the places at the dinner table, the untucked beds, the hearts... that wait.
This little family of ours will be holding each other close, praying relentlessly that that joy will find you again, that it will flutter back down on the gentlest of breezes and perch once more, firmly, where it belongs.  And that, in the meantime, courage and strength and sweet love will stand, steadfast, in its place and keep you, 'til that day.
Be Well...

live sweet, 



a finding of the words for little ones.



  1. Oh dear Nicole. Thank you for your thoughts, sentiments and prayers for healing. Xo

  2. This is such a beautiful post.

    There are no words to describe how horrible this tragedy is.

    Stay safe, my friend.


  3. Beautiful, gentle words! This has affected all parents around the globe. I pray God gives them the strength and courage they need to cope with this horrible event in their lives.

  4. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose your baby in such a horrific way. Such a tragedy!


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