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posted on: 12.06.2012

This post is sponsored by Gogobot.  The dreams and opinions shared here, are so totally my own.

If I could tuck myself snug into a history laden dream, I'd tuck myself in here...


If I should steer myself across bridges stretched tightly over seas, I'd steer myself 'cross here... and then I'd steer myself right back again, because, well, just look at it all.  Glorious.


If I could walk and walk and walk some more, I'd walk right over there...

The boys and I are so looking forward to starting our Christmas vacation in San Francisco.  It'll be just the sweetest of stops on our little dream winter vacation.  And in true "us" form we're likely to plop our bags down, run a few exhausting laps around the hotel room counting the complimentary toiletries, each one twice, because clearly that is just the very thing to do when you are nine and three and those pretty little bottles feel all kinds of Christmas present sorta free, and then we'll let our little island feet make tracks all over those chilly San Francisco streets.

I've been having the grandest of times "researching", read as: day dreaming and falling "oh so hard for", that city by the bay. 

I can see it now.  

We'll wander, and eat, our way through Fisherman's Wharf, climb up Nob Hill and then have tea, TEA I say, in The Fairmont San Francisco, the boys will likely opt for hot cocoa and there's a good chance we'll get half way up one of those San Fran hilly streets and wait for a cable car to carry us the rest of the way, and quite possibly if I'm holding the map, we'll get lost and grumpy and lost some more-- but, in my DREAM it's a leisurely walk and a cup of tea at the top.  

We'll be ferried out to Alcatraz where we'll creep ourselves out with stories of hardened criminals and message carrying pigeons and foggy, foggy nights...

Admittedly, my time may have been spent a bit more on the dreaming than the research but isn't that just the way any good adventure starts.  

You could lose yourself, if you wanted to, on this little site here.  

Gogobot is so gonna be my go to resource as we ramble through the holidays, starting on the hills of San Francisco. I just discovered the site and I'm in love.  Big, huge love.  Because really, it's filled with real people reviews, insight and suggestions about the places and adventures I dream we'd spend our little lives chasing, these boys and I.

Here's a bit from them...

Gogobot allows you to tap into the knowledge of your friends when planning a trip anywhere. You can find like-minded travelers and inspiration for your next vacation, creating easy-to-use wishlists you can return to again and again.
And when you are not in vacation mode or planning a trip, you can discover hidden gems in your own neighborhood for entertaining guests or a weekend staycation.
The best part? Every page on Gogobot is personalized. You can see reviews from your friends and people you are following at the top, which allows you to weed out the noise and fraudulent reviews that become a problem on other review sites. Check out Gogobot today!

I'm off to plan our Paris vacation, which has nothing at all to do with our travel plans this winter, or any time ever, likely, but no one needs to know that and frankly I've got four empty suitcases looking at me begging to be packed and, well, no offense suitcases but daydreaming here is so much more fun.

live sweet, 



  1. Oh, I am SO Jealous! You also must wander through Little Italy at night, and have dinner, too, but I won't tell you where- because the best part is picking somewhere based solely on how amazing it looks through the window!!

  2. This is such a neat idea! I'm sure I could get lost for many hours with this one.

  3. I've never been to San Francisco, but just a few pictures makes me want to go. I'm very envious of your travel plans.

  4. These are all nice. :)

    Visiting today from Friendly Friday. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your pictures. Makes me want to hop on a plane and go!

  6. Sounds like such a lovely trip! I'm making my way to the Sacramento area right after Christmas. We always make a day trip to San Francisco. It's one of my favorite cities!

    Fizz and Frosting

  7. I'm so jealous :/ Lovely pictures btw :) Looking forwad for your new posts<3 ;)

    'm lovin your outfit! you are so stunning :) love your blog lay out too ^_^

    Btw, am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here's the link:
    Looking forward for your participation :)
    Fallow my blog and I will SURELY follow your blog too :)
    Have a great day!

    Much Love!

  8. Great pictures reminded me of my 2 trips to San Fran, some years ago to visit a good friend. It's a city that I have great memories from.I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday and I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Fitnessbuster Supporting you in getting your fitness and nutrition back on track

  9. Your Christmas Vacation sounds so interesting and fun! Thanks for stopping by Lilly Through The Valley and now I am returning the favour!



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