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posted on: 12.17.2012

A cable car ride one brisk December night.
Tyty crawled into our bed this morning, unfolded my arms, tucked himself in and fell back asleep.  He's getting so very big, he doesn't often sleep in my arms anymore.  But today... he did.
I listened to him breathe as he lay there, watched his chest rise and fall, filling itself with life and then so easily emptying itself again, trusting that another, fuller breath would come along and take its place.  He is so very trusting this little boy of mine.  So sure that he is safe in his mommy's arms.  So not aware of how very small I felt there holding him.  How incapable I am of protecting him from every hurt.  How insignificant his mother's love really is in this world full of cruel and powerful forces.  He slept.  I cried.

Sometimes the world can seem such a scary place.  Sometimes I'd like to lock my babies up and promise them they'd never feel hurt or risk loss.  Sometimes I'm sure I could be so easily selfish that way and lately, it doesn't seem quite as irrational a notion as most.  But I suppose that that sort of safety would mean they'd never feel the beautiful things there are to feel either, and then what sort of living will I have secured for them then?
Charlie and I have tried to raise our boys to be courageous.  To see that seeing life as a glass half full of possibilities is a choice, easier some days than others, but a choice, nonetheless, that they can make.  We hope that they will choose to not sit on this life's sidelines.  That they will see a need as an opportunity to reach beyond themselves, a challenge as a chance to be bigger than once thought possible, a cable car moving along one's path as an opportunity to jump on board for the ride...


And perhaps if you played this little something here while you scrolled through those photos right there, well maybe it'd be just like taking this December ride together.  With us.  Perhaps?

That Ty held on for dear life and then I held onto his hand too for dearest life and then that dear, sweet life gave us the most amazing ride through San Francisco all the while those unseen cables, faithfully, pulling us along those already laid city tracks.

How are you today? 

If you'd like to share an uplifting post, a sign of life's possibilities, in this time when we are both surrounded by and searching so very desperately for hope, please do leave a link to it in the comments.  This space is ours.  This space is yours.
Thank you in advance for sharing your sweet light.

live sweet, 
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  1. My blog post today was about my son too. I had planned it for last Friday, but even now I feel guilty about writing about my child when so many have lost theirs. I wrote about him doing well in school, and about the sweet winner of a giveaway I had. Everything seems so insignificant. I think somehow our kids know. I've read yours and other stories about kids comforting their moms. Even without knowing the details of the horriffic event. They know we need them to help us get through this. Leah /// Lovely Life of Leah

  2. I certainly hope you enjoy San Francisco. One of my favorite cities in the whole world!
    This was a beautiful post Nicole.

    I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying warm with the love you have for each other on a cold December day in Northern California.


  3. Nicole, your words were never truer, thank YOU for shining some light on this cloudy day. And yes, we all have each other to hold, near, far, sun, rain, in virtual blog world or the actual, real, sweetness of our babies in our arms. Thank you. xo

  4. Your beautiful words resonate with me. I wish there were a way to protect our boys from all harm and sadness for the rest of their lives. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a guarantee that they'd all live happy, full lives without a day of stress or worry? The tragedies in life really make you clutch tightly to those you love. Before you know it they'll be all grown up!!

    It looks like you and your boys are having a wonderful time in San Francisco. Hope you have a safe and fun trip!! Be blessed!
    Live Aloha



  5. Such beautiful and uplifting words girl.

    Thank you.

    Life goes on. It must, right? We have to stay strong altogether!

    Cathy Trails

  6. You have such beautiful words and I thank you for sharing that part of yourself with us.

    TracyAnn of www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com

  7. Lucky mom. Lucky babes. Because we needed to do something, for our hearts and our minds, but we couldnt do anything else, we made cookies.


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