may all your days be merry & bright...

posted on: 12.26.2012

Christmas is this funny sort of a day, a DAY you guys, when really it should be a lifetime for the effort that gets poured so thickly into it.  I'm a little exhausted and all kinds of full, oh my sister's English toffee and I, we are now forever a part of each other, (thank you sister.), and I have just the slightest of colds percolating at the back of my throat, like a good cold often does when it's brewing itself into something bigger.  It's all kinds of winter in these parts and, cold aside, this little Hawaii family couldn't be happier for it.   

A reduce, reuse, upcycle recipe for candy canes... you know, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Peppermint Dipped Oreos


1 package Oreo Cookies
1-2 teaspoons peppermint extract
1/2 package Candi Quick
3-4 peppermint candy canes

a plate or tray lined with parchment paper 

Melt Candi Quick as directed on the package.  Stir in peppermint extract a little at a time, to taste.  Let peppermint mixture sit for a minute.  Unwrap candy canes and place in a large Ziplock bag, crush into medium to fine pieces.  Dip each cookie into the peppermint mixture and press into the crushed candy cane pieces covering generously.  Let sit until firm; place in the fridge or freezer for faster results.

There are so many beautiful ways to celebrate hope, I suppose.  To stoke again the fires of joy and love that burn with a too often flickering light in the hearth of our homes and our souls.  For this little family of ours Christmas is the very sweetest of ways.  

We hope that however you celebrate the good things in life, the moments that invite us home again, the ones that remind us it's never too late to begin again, well... may they, all your days, be merry and bright.

Be well.
live sweet, 


  1. so sweet..

  2. Your words and an Oreo. PERFECT way to start a morning! :)

  3. Nicole your photos - I love it

  4. Brilliant! Such a good idea :)


  5. This looks delicious! And you have this New York City gal nostalgic for my Christmases spent on Oahu. All the best - Monica


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