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posted on: 12.19.2012

If we met for coffee today in this little San Francisco cafe, which is actually  just a little corner Starbucks in an old redbrick building across from the cable car junction, but really it couldn't be any more quaint and all the locals streaming in speaking their sweetly familiar hellos, well, let's pretend... shall we?

If we met for a little coffee and a lot of talk...

I'd say hey there you.  How are you, today?

The boys?  Oh, they're back in the hotel snuggled in bed with daddy soaking up the cable t.v. we don't have at home.  Sometimes I think we travel just to get some quality time in with the t.v. shows we don't allow ourselves at home.  And oh the commercials, who knew there were so many things we didn't know we didn't need?

These little boys of ours are the sweetest of travelers, they've learned through many an adventure, to live out of suitcases, to take only what they need.  That little Sean has struggled a bit with the walking for hours and not having his regular nap and his quiet down time in his own space, with his old familiar toys.  But he's an easy soul and is so easily content so long as we are all together.  And he has his boots.  His sweet little boots.  He'd show them to you if he were here.  He'd balance on one foot waving the other 'round in the air steadying himself with your arm, the one you'd likely offer so readily when you saw the enthusiasm and the flailing of limbs involved, and he'd say "see Sean's bwoots".  And I believe you'd love them big huge too.

And that Tyty his ability to feel genuine empathy for others, it makes him the most amazing of travel partners, seeing and feeling new places from the inside.

I'm doing okay today.  

If I stop to think for too long I'm sad, in that strange sort of way when you know there's sadness a plenty to feel but none of it is really yours.  When you feel almost guilty because you think that you might be able to feel real hurt for sadness sake, but your arms aren't the empty ones and so what could you possibly know, really, of the hurt there.

I'm doing okay.  Today.  

It's our last day in San Francisco and I think I could be falling hard for this city by the bay.

The streets are so quiet in the early morn.  I love that quiet.  The seagulls are the biggest I've ever seen.  The seafood.  Oh, the seafood.  And everyone here, there is an almost overwhelming homeless population, seems to be carrying on the most fabulous conversations with themselves or at least with their imaginary friends.  There seems too, to be an abundance of imaginary friends here, and they're all so wonderful, it seems.  If you've ever wondered just whatever happened to that imaginary playmate you, sadly, one day outgrew, rest assured they are here in San Francisco.  And trust too, they are in quite good company.  Quite.  I've considered looking for an apartment to rent with a few imaginary friends of my own, it's just some days they seem the only ones who really get me, you know?  Besides they tell me they can cover the rent and I should absolutely have the master, they insist... so, yeah... hey ROOMIES.

And strange but true, everyone has a whistle, a whistle I tell you.  The bellmen have these little silver whistles they hold cupped in their hands as they hail cabs and the cable car drivers have whistles too and... well, suddenly I feel the need for a whistle?  Wouldn't that be a sight to see, this mama leading our little parade of boys safely across every crisscrossed cross walk here with the toot of a whistle?  

Note to self:  Find a whistle.  Note on the note:  Pick up a whistle for every mama you know of littles under twelve.  Pick up two for every mama of teenagers, make that three.

If we met for coffee today I'd tell ya, Sometimes I think I'm Catholic just so that I can have an all access pass to the most beautiful churches EVER, in every city.  Everywhere.  Most days I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm still afraid of my little peanut of a Polynesian mother, and frankly I don't think she could handle saying any more rosaries than she already does for my little wandering soul.  

Took the boys to church mom.  Clearly it was ALL Charlie's idea.

We'll be on our way soon, to see my sister and her family.  My goodness, my sister.  She is this beautiful blanket of a heart that I am so ready to fall into and feel tucked all around me, warming the spaces I let get cold with exposure.  Have you ever spent a good amount of time, like your whole entire life, thinking you were protecting a fragile delicate thing only to realize it was they, all the while, protecting you?  She is my safe harbor.

And when our coffee runs out I'd be sad to see our little talk end, but I'd be grateful for the time.  Thank you for sitting for a bit with me.  Should we go out and brave that cold, you going your way and me going mine?  Should we meet here again sometime?  Soon?

Be well.
live sweet, 

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  1. beautiful pics..

  2. Beautiful pictures and wonderful writing! I really enjoyed my coffee with you!

  3. Because I eat up every word you write, if we had coffee, it’d most certainly be MY treat.

    And by the way, I AM Catholic, and you’re invited to enjoy the beauty of our churches any time. Even if it’s just for pictures, girl. xo

  4. Beautiful pics and beautiful words..I'm so glad your vacation is wonderful.

  5. This post was beautiful, I really enjoyed the pictures!

  6. I fall harder for that city every time I go. It is such an amazing place and you captured the essence of it beautifully.
    Hmm...time to plan a day trip I think!


  7. Hi! You stopped by my blog awhile ago, but I have never taken the time to come and read yours. I"m glad I did today though :) It's wonderful! Also, I'm coming to Hawaii in a couple of weeks :) I don't know where you live, but we'll be on Maui!

  8. love your pictures so very interesting looks like somewhere I would love to visit some day

  9. What a great coffee date :) Sounds like you all are having a nice trip.

  10. Great photos. I love it. Coffee looks yummy


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