in a christmas sort of a pickle...

posted on: 12.10.2012

That Tyty of ours he is a sweet and kind and gentle soul.  

Where Sean runs out to meet life, trusting that this big wide world will, of course, love him, our Tyty is so sweetly content to observe.  

He doesn't want for much, and not because he HAS everything, he doesn't.  But, because, I think, somewhere in the core of his makeup is this innate sense that there is more to life than things and just perhaps, greater needs than his own.  He's a kiddo and all that that entails. He is such the nine year old boy, who is so perfectly capable of riling up his brother like one whose spent many years, three to be exact, perfecting his craft.  But oh his letter to Santa this year, his most recent act of sweet innocence, has landed me in a bit of a pickle.   

I give you said pickle... 

Dear Santa,
  thank you for delivering toys and cheer to my house.  You have never let me down in your toys.  All of them were completely awsome!  This year for Christmas can I have a RC hellicopter and a Star Wars lego kit.  I think you would chose the best toys for me because you have every year.  Thank you.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and it would not be the same without you.  I have always wanted to ask this question but I never had the guts.  Can I risk all of my toys for a picture of you and your elf.  If there are rules that you can't show your identity even though everyone knows it I understand.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  You are awesome!!!!!!

Sincerely, TY

Oh what am I going to do you guys?  
And just where might dear Santa find a convincing picture of himself and one of his helpers these days?  This he must do, right?  How can he not, you know?  

For a dear little boy teetering so dangerously on the edge of doubt. A little boy who would risk everything, for a tangible sign, a reason to believe.

live sweet, 



  1. Ohhhh. So innocent and honest. You should hire somebody as Santa, and arrange to take a quick photo with him, and to get him a toy also :)

  2. Google "Real Santa" and print a photo ;)

  3. Aww too cute :) he is such an adorable boy. Yeah you should search for real Santa's photo on google :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. That photo of the two of you is darling. Looks to me like Santa and her elf ;)
    Good luck Mama!

  5. so sweet..and I agree a beautiful picture of you two.

  6. Your son is truly a gem ~ Innocence and honesty...two beautiful attributes in a boy that will become a handsome man!

    Good luck with Santa's picture!
    You could also do the Letter from Santa that is on the web ~ that way he can actually see Santa.


  7. I don't have any ideas on where to get a picture, but such a wonderful letter...the innocence of childhood.


  8. I'd go with rules not showing identity. I'd have Santa say something like different people from different lands see me differently. Pacific Islanders see me as a Pacific Islander, Japanese see me Japanese, then come up with a good punch line that wraps it all up. Namaste--the "spirit of Christmas in you is reflected/cherished in the spirit of Christmas in me" type thing. Thoughts?

  9. That is seriously so cute! I'm a new follower :)

  10. What a thinker! I love that he would trade his toys to quench his curiosity! It's beautiful. I'm sorry that it's put you in said pickle, though.

  11. Oh you are all the very sweetest, and I am so very much so in the sweetest of sweet pickles. =)

    I'm off to look up those sites...

  12. Sweet, sweet boy! Oh goodness...I have no thoughts on what you could do LOL. I suck LOL. When I was growing up I assumed santa had surf shorts and a surf board...LOVED growing up in Hawaii :-) Does he think the same thing? or does he "see" a traditional santa.

    And my Juju asked for a Star Wars lego set this year too. Is it something new that came out?

    Good luck with the picture of santa...P.S. smurf village is snowing :-)


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