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posted on: 12.19.2012

Alcatraz Watchtower, San Francisco
The boys and I have been tromping along the streets of San Francisco.  Oh, we are a grand parade of silly souls, this little family.  With that little pip squeak of a Sean leading the way from atop daddy's shoulders and Tyty interjecting the awkward, "cool", "not cool" observation at the least opportune of times, like a nine year old often will.  He's so very committed, this little boy of mine, to being nine.  Sigh.  And all the while I weave in and out with last minute touch ups,  every great performance has last minute touch ups.  They really are probably quite insignificant to the whole production, except of course to the poor neurotic mama who commits herself to the zipping and unzipping of coats, the putting on and then removing and then putting on again of hats, the counting of heads, holding of hands and instructing the group's movement at every intersection with "cross", "don't cross", "should we cross?", "let's cross" and the all important mid crosswalk announcement "CROSS-ING", clearly I play a critical role in the production of this major metropolitan city Christmas holiday vacation.  Clearly.  In my mind. 

Somewhere between Fisherman's Wharf and the realization that the parade carries on just fine without me, I took it upon myself to notice every flag in this crazy quirky city.  'Just started looking up about a block or two from our hotel and then couldn't help but notice.  That beautiful banner of a flag that we all march under hangs there, everywhere, dangling at half mast.  Quietly reflecting the state of our souls this week.   We are not all the way up, it seems to say, but, neither are we all the way down.  I don't know why but I realized, seeing it there, that, my goodness, I love this sweet country of ours.  I love that we are all in this parade together.  

We are young as countries go, just a babe really, and we certainly aren't perfect, but we're trying.  And, maybe that's not enough some days, but maybe too, just maybe... that's a pretty big something, most.  

Be well.
live sweet, 

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  1. There is so much more good in the world than bad ... that's what I keep reminding myself when my heart starts to hurt over the loss of those babies. I hope as a country we can all continue to pray for those families. Can't imagine what they're going through ...

    1. Oh Michelle, it's so incredibly painful to even try to imagine what the families are feeling this week, what they'll face next and the many empty weeks ahead...

  2. such a lovely post..

  3. You are an incredibly beautiful writer.
    There is still good in most all hearts and we just need to remind ourselves of that every single day.
    As I hold Reagan close I say a prayer for those who are not able to.


    One a lighter note ~ I hope you are enjoying your time in San Francisco. Can you believe I still have never visited Alcatraz and I live here?

  4. oh i so hope you are all having a blast in san fran and staying warm!
    as usual, your post made my heart swell. :)
    safe travels little family xoxo


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