baby it's cold outside...

posted on: 12.17.2012

A little winter fashion, on the cheap.

So I did a fashion-ish post once and, it was epic... in it's lameness.  Oh, it was all kinds of "look away from the camera deep in thought" awkwardness.  This here is no sort of a fashion post, 'promise.

But if you'll forgive me the awkward modeling going on here , and indulge my silly tendencies for just this one little bit, okay that's a lie, I'll likely be silly all over the place in the future, just, perhaps, not again with clothes on.  That sounds all sorts of wrong doesn't it?

Well, here ya go an easy faux fur neck warmer, (oh you guys these pictures really don't do it's minky softness justice, and the compliments I've gotten, which I never quite know what to do with but will gladly accept...).  And, a really very good reason for why I'm wearing bits of a twelve dollar Ross's blanket wrapped 'round my neck these days...

The thing is, I stumbled upon a neck warmer when I was visiting stalking a few bloggers who are my dear friends, they just don't ACTUALLY know it yet, and thought my goodness that looks so luxurious.  I had no idea how luxurious until I started to look around for one to buy for our upcoming trip.  Part necessity, it'll be real deep winter cold once we get to Utah,and part curiosity.  I'd never really seen one before and wanted to know more...  The most affordable one I could find was seventy dollars (?) at Banana Republic (?) and then, well, apparently the sky's the limit when it comes to the value of neck warmers.  Really, the big, whole, absurdly huge sky.

DIY Faux Fur Neck Warmer

1 super soft faux animal fur blanket 
1 pair of scissors
Needle and thread, sewing maching, fabric glue whatever works

Measure your neck and cut an 18 to 24 inch wide strip of fabric, both the fur and the backing, about 6-8 inches longer than your neck measurement.  I like having mine hang sort of like a cowl neck, but not so long that it isn't going to keep my neck warm on cold winter days.  These measurements are obviously subject to personal preference, just be sure to have a width wide enough that you can fold the fabric over and long enough so that when it's stitched into a closed circle there is enough space to easily slip it over your head.

Inside out the fabric and do a quick stitch lengthwise.  You should end up with a sort of tube with the backing fabric and seam on the outside and the "fur" inside.  Carefully, and by carefully I mean reach in there and pull one end right back through, like, as if, you have a plane to catch in just a bit and time's a wasting, turn the tube right side out and stitch the two ends together.  If you're careful and stitch around the circle you should end up with a seam that all but disappears beneath the fluff of the fur.     

Also, this was so ridiculously easy I, much to that Charlie's dismay, ended up making fur boot liners/ leg warmers like two seconds before we jumped in the car to head to the airport.  It's all a little matchy matchy for my taste but I have a feeling when we get to those snow filled mountains, well, the more fur the merrier.  And, all three for less than twelve dollars, you're welcome Charlie.

Bundle up, would ya... baby it's cold outside.

Be well.
live sweet, 

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P.S.  These days it seems that things, owning them, amassing them, holding onto them seem so very unimportant.  If you'd like I've got enough material to make, at least, two more of these sitting back in Honolulu and I'll gladly make them and send one out to ya if you're somewhere, where... baby it's cold outside.

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  1. How many people have told you today that you are the cutest thing ever?
    I start things all of the time- and never finish them. If and when I come across some faux fur, will be channeling you from all the way over here in freezy freezey NC!

  2. i love this post. baby is so hot here (Australian summer - 40 today!) I'm kinda dreaming of it being cold and I don't even love winter.

    Bettina @

  3. I want one!! It looks amazing and you look adorable in it! :)


    1. Oh I am so sending ya one when I get home... you'll be all kinds of warm, all winter long. And, also, fabulous. You'll be all kinds of fabulous too. =)


  4. Oh yeah, it's cold here in Ohio! I hate my neck exposed to the cold--I'm big on scarves, so I understand. We didn't get to see the leg warmers, though!

  5. You are absolutely adorable...and genius...and generous. Love your spirit girl xo

  6. Love this! Looks very warm!! :)

  7. New follower! Nice to meet you!



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