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posted on: 11.30.2012

When we talk advertising.

Oh you guys, is this just the silliest thing?  I've put off offering any sort of long term advertising here for a while now, other than the early on commitments I'd made before I knew what I was really doing.  

I wanted to be sure that I could do it right, you know really right, geesh is that important to me.  I really love this space we are creating here.  I love the story we are telling, the boys and mine for sure, but also the one that we are writing together, you and I.  And I really wanted to allow myself the time to find my own voice.  To really hear it and be able to share it.  And, in some small way, after eight months of growing, I think I've accomplished those things and I'd love to let you all in, here, in an even bigger way.  

So... I'm opening up Local Sugar Hawaii, for the first time, with December advertising packages.

You can find all the details and sweet advertising options here.

And because I'm truly, incredibly honored to have you here and so look forward to a beautiful walk together through the month of December, a sweet code for fifty percent off of any ad package, of any size, reserved this first week of December.  Enter SweetDEC2012.

Thank you for being here.  For being you and for letting me be little 'ole me.  It truly means the whole wide world to be on this ride with you.

live sweet, 


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