and then there's the sea...

posted on: 11.13.2012

This was supposed to be a wordless post on nothing really at all.  And then the kids being unwell for weeks on end just sort of filled any void the words might have left if they'd had the chance and, well... it is what it is. 

On being a mother and sniffles and such.

When the kids are sick and the going is tougher than sometimes seems possible for one mama to handle, well... there are the sniffles, the aches, the whines, the crocodile tears and the big fat real ones too, there's the headache from the whining about the headaches, and the rearranging of schedules around schedules recently rearranged, there's the cuddling and snuggling in close as you wait for the tylenol or the sleep or whatever may offer relief; some deadening of the noise of it all.

And then there's the sea.  

018-001-2 018-001-2-1.jpg
This, this is where this mama walks and waits as Ty has his weekly piano lessons.
Hau'ula, Hawaii

She is a patient mother.  Gently rocking her children.  Folding their smallness into herself and shifting so that she moves with the tugging of the forces beyond her control but, somehow, still, is so very fully herself...

And I have a lot to learn.

live sweet, 


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  1. Beautiful words. I love the sea and always wish I could be closer x

  2. This was really nice to read, seriously beautiful and that photo makes it even more amazing ^^ xx

  3. I`m always glad to see how you cheris the beauty and the strength of the beaches and similar sceneries around you, because there`s nothing better to inspire you in moments of weakness or sadness...

  4. Lovely photo-very soothing. Hope you are all feeling better now.

  5. Poetic. Hope the snoogies take their leave soon! xoxo

  6. I hope your kids feel better soon! I also hope my link will make you smile! Take care!

  7. i love your writing, so soothing to read. hope your kiddos are feeling better, i know what it's like to have your babies sick and everything that comes with it. stay strong momma, hope they feel better soon.

  8. Nice post and a beautiful pic.

  9. I love the sea ~ it's such a comforting place and I miss Hawaii!
    I miss home :)


    I hope your babies feel better. It's never fun having sick little ones.

  10. My husband lived in a Hawaii before we met, so I find your blog really fascinating...

  11. I'm sorry to hear your little ones were sick ... but what a wonderful sea view to heal the soul!

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Dragon Crown


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