a little about halloween...

posted on: 11.01.2012

 I'm stuffed.  Stuffed with bite sized everything.  

Stuffed with Halloween.

Charlie and I took our candy testing job oh so seriously last night.  And, I can gladly report these two little boys here have been spared any sort of razor sharp anything.  We checked every little bit of candy, well, at least every little chocolate bit, you know?  I checked the bite sized Butterfingers twice, for good measure.  No creepy Halloweeny villain, and their mastermind plot to spoil Halloween fun, will get past us I tell ya.  

Seanzy who made the cutest of little green dragons practically melted into the furriness.  His double lined dragon costume was a bit much in this island sun.  But, oh the cuteness.

'Hope you had the very sweetest of sweet days.

live sweet, 



  1. You are a great mama. Oh the things we endure for our children! ;-)

  2. Love the white pumpkins, so cute! And your little dragon is especially cute as well :)


  3. CUTE Halloween decorations!! Love the pumpkins!

  4. Cute little dragon! Hey, pass some of that candy over to this mama, too! We don't have Halloween in Greece! I want some , too!!!

  5. Very cute decorations! Love the owl!!! :) the dragon costume is so cute!!!

  6. I LOVE those white pumpkins! Glad to hear you're on top of the Halloween candy checking, it's my favorite part of the holiday! ;)


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