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posted on: 11.14.2012

My Grandfather lives about an hour south of Boston in what I suppose is an old gentleman's farm although the rescued animals that once made it so have long since passed and so he is there with his dog Buddy and his cast iron stove and the wood he still chops himself and the garden he tends in the spring and summer, although it has shrunk a little each year and I suspect this summer past was perhaps just a row or two of tomato and strawberry and perhaps cucumber plants that he shares with the bugs I don't think he has the heart to squish anymore.  

We visit when we can.  

I write to my grandfather, who has no t.v. or computer, because we don't make it to that part of our little world as often as we'd like.

Sometimes I'll send him boxes I know he's not likely to open as he is not much into things.  

Often I feel like I'm writing to the better part of myself and when he replies, well, I so easily see it's true.

November 2012
Dear Grandpa,

I'm sending you a box in the mail-- open it!  

It's our Christmas gift to you and to Buddy too.  And the boys and I have packed it with all of our love and are hoping it'll help keep the winter chills at bay-- should they decide to again head your way.

Sean grows bigger, too quickly, and Ty has morphed into a little man right before my eyes-- but I know you know all about these "children, they grow too quickly" feelings.  

I'm learning what it means to be a mom to two little growing boys and sadly I fail miserably, too often, I'm sure.  But, on a brighter note, I'm glad to report the boys seem none the worse for it, they are incredible human beings despite me.  And, also, the rest of the world has yet to catch on, so yeah... there is that. 

Love You Huge,

P.S.  About that box... open it.

live sweet, 



  1. I hope he opens the box. It's so nice to write letters and there is a special feeling about receiving something in the post. This particular letter is great and I identify with the sentiment of how it's like to be a mummy.

  2. Firstly, those are all such beautiful photos.
    I think you described your grandfather beautifully, and the love that you feel for him (and your boys) is absolutely vivid. I haven't received a box in so long... maybe in years. I hope your grandfather opens his, I am sure it will put a BIG BIG smile on his face.

  3. PS: I found you through the Aloha blog-hop! :D

  4. I found you through blog hop as well and would love to keep in touch. Your writing is so heart-warming and those photos are soo beautiful. Newest follower over here woop woop!

    Follow me back if you would like to keep in touch too :)

    Cathy Trails

  5. thank you for your sweet words! I cannot wait to continue getting to know you through the blog universe!

  6. I haven't written a letter in ages! It's so nice that you still do ^^
    Love the first photo, so pretty! xx

  7. Found your site on the Moms Monday Mingle hop. Love the photos. My grandpa was sure to open any package that had cookies! LOL. I used to love to write letters all the time. I think I shiyld start again.

  8. Call me romantic but I love receiving letters and sending, of course. Too bad it's becoming extinct these days! That is a sweet letter to your Grandpa. I miss mine!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Following you everywhere from Operation Fabulous.....

  10. Beautiful bog! I like read your text. Thank you for visited my blog . Have a nice weekend.


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