a holiday heart check...

posted on: 11.08.2012

Join me, if you please, for a Holiday Heart Check.  It's just a little something I'll be doing each week as we countdown the weeks to Christmas.  It's all quite simple I suppose, just a slight attempt to remember what's most important a midst the hustle and bustle.

This week I will try oh so very hard to fill up a tub full of warm water, gather the candles that all ready burn in different parts of this house and soak for a bit.  It's not always easy to carve out those moments for myself with two littles in the house and, well, a house that seems so very much mine to care for, you know?  But I'm thinking it might just be the moment of clarity I need.  I'm gonna commit to six and may just die of surprise if I get sixty in.

And then there's this, a two ingredient face scrub for glowing skin.  It's become my daily attempt to pamper myself just a tad.

Three Tablespoons Baking Soda
One Tablespoon water

Apply to moistened face using circular motions.  
Let sit for five minutes and then rinse off completely.

Follow with your usual moisturizer

live sweet, 


A right quick jump to next week's holiday heart check here.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to pamper myself. The season is already getting crazy around here and it is true that a happy momma makes a much happier household!

    1. absolutely. =) 'hope you get a long soak in or some sort of some tlc for momma!

  2. I just joined your sight. I love your blog. I will for sure have to remember to pamper myself during these holiday seasons. I always make it all about everyone else and kind of forget myself. Thank you for the reminder. :)

    1. I so hear ya girl. I'm the first to put myself last, and most days I'm a okay with that, but sometimes I can feel myself sputter when my own tank's dangerously close to empty. Here's to refilling our own well, just a bit, this holiday season. =)


  3. Mommies should have more ME time!!!Hmm, remind me to get a massage next week and not put it off!

    1. Hey Marie... get a massage-- it's next week. wink. wink.

  4. A 60 minute bath sure does sound great! Especially with some bubbles, candles and maybe even a glass of wine!

    1. Oh, the wine, I so completely forgot the wine-- can I take another long soak 'cause "Krystyn says"? wink. 'here's hoping you got that bath in with all those oh so relaxing goodies.


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