wherever you go...

posted on: 10.15.2012

There you are.

This is the bus stop at the beach down the street from our house.  Not the most elaborate of designs, obvs., but shouldn't every sitting spot come with a little note of "Aloha" and wouldn't your toosh just feel so much the more grateful because of it.  

Every once in a while I'll walk by this ode to the public transportation of lives and I'll think, usually out loud to whomever will indulge me, I'm not so very good at that thinking to myself business, you know, although I suspect Charlie would like it if it were a skill I'd develop, but what fun would that be, really?...  
And, so I'll loudly think, "I'd quite like to catch a ride to wherever that 'Aloha The Bus' might be going".  

And, I don't think I'd care much where it went or who the fellow travelers might be, I think I'd just be grateful for the going, ya know?

live sweet, 


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  1. Love the "bus stop." So peaceful and generous... yet full of adventure and the promise that everything will be okay. Thanks for hosting.

    1. oooh I really love that. I certainly could use an "everything will be okay" sort of promise today, esp. considering well this right here is my "Wordless Wednesday" post and it turns out it's still Monday and well, this is clearly gonna be the start of a very long week-- unless of course I hop on that bus and disappear to wherever that bus is going... =)


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