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posted on: 10.08.2012

"I need you" eyes.

Tyty is nine and sometimes that's hard.  
He is a sweet, sweet boy who is a beautiful big brother to little Sean and who is so very eager to please that sometimes I think I might count on him a bit too much, you know?  To be the mellow even keeled kiddo who doesn't need much at all really.  And then, every once in a while he looks at me and, I just know that it's time to slow down and hear those eyes speak the words he'd never allow himself to say... 
"I need you".

So that list of things that required getting done this weekend was set aside, at least as much as things that require getting  done will allow.  And we kinda sorta just felt our way through the hours, you know, with our hearts.  

live sweet, 


Did your heart lead you this weekend?  Do you ever just look into your little's eyes and know it's time to slow down, 'cause that life it all goes by just too darn fast?  Do you think these boys are trying to break my heart on purpose, you know, with all this growing up they've been doing?


  1. Such lovely pictures ^^ He really seems so sweet ♥ I totally get what you say but sometimes it's very hard to slow down and pay attention to the rest of the world around us. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it really got me thinking xx

  2. Coincidentally I am moving through a similar process/realization. Wanting to relish and be fully (even more) present for these fleeting moments with my kids. Thank you for sharing N. xo


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