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posted on: 10.21.2012

We had a yard sale last weekend.  
Selling bits of our lives, and things that we had so easily convinced ourselves were important, for a penny or two.
It was odd, the putting your life out on the driveway in little piles labeled "25cents" and such.  It was odd too to allow, even encourage and beg, complete strangers to go through and feel them and touch them and judge them, those things that once made up our living.  

Eventually, I left Charlie to run the sale, turns out he has a knack for charming little old ladies out of their pennies and convincing them that they will in fact enjoy having our collection of cd's in the corners of their home keeping their dust bunnies company, and also very mellow, in a Dave Matthew's sort of a way.  I, it turns out have a knack for saying "oh you should just have that, you know, if you'll enjoy it, just take it-- it's yours".  It is a "knacky" part of myself that I am actually quite proud of, but, which did quickly earn me the job of cleaning out the closets and stocking the sale and busying myself in the background with the making of sandwiches for lunch.  

We are not having a yard sale this weekend.  We just aren't.  

The remainders have all been donated, the signs are now piled in our fire pit awaiting what will likely be a symbolic burning, and  a great roasting of marshmallows in the embers.  
(Do you think the whole thing might have been just an elaborate scheme to amass cardboard for our marshmallow roasting, hmm... it certainly is possible.)
And perhaps, we will be out living a little better because of that cleansing and purging we put ourselves and our little beach cottage through last weekend, perhaps.  Why does it clear such vast and beautiful spaces in the mind that "de-cluttering" of things in the real world?  I suppose I don't really need to know, I'm just gonna go with it... Besides, having gotten rid of my slightly used and never used and "why did I ever use" items from OUR house means that I can now go find that perfect "vintage something" from some one else's. 

A song.  A smile.  
A laugh (beware, the edginess... it is what it is).  


Happy Weekend.

live sweet, 



  1. happy weekend...and i know that fresh feeling, a swept shelf, an awoken corner...possibities.

  2. What a lovely blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would stop on by my blog and return the favor!



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