this fight...

posted on: 10.23.2012

is so worth fighting.
Please forgive me I'm using this little space we're creating here to let my soul breathe deep, heart felt, breaths and, well, you can breathe with me too, if you want to...

We've got this campaign with our funk{e} line of earth-friendly accessories called:  
We Are The Makers of Pearls:  A Celebration of Strong Women.  

It's a sort of honoring of women who take the sometimes painful circumstances life gives them and shapes them into a beautiful sort of living.  

For every scarf sold from our little shop here another will be given to a woman bravely fighting a battle with cancer through The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu.

You don't have to buy a scarf to join us in this campaign.  Really, truly, just by entering our little facebook giveaway here and staying up to date on our latest bits of shared news on fb, well, you can help to spread the word and that is such an incredibly beautiful thing.  

Guess what our newest We Are The Makers of Pearls item is.  It's folded into that sweet little gem of a package up there, and for every guess you make, by commenting here, you will be entered to win one of your very own.

live sweet, 


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  1. Thank you for visiting me! followed back. your boys are sooooo cute and adorable :)

  2. love the concept of celebrating strong women!

  3. Your efforts make my heart sing! Thanks Nicole <3

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This is so sweet what a great cause that is very kind of you guys! Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog from the hop, following you back here and I'll for sure check out your FB page as well.

    Beauty Flawed

  6. what a great cause. Thank you for following the blog, of course following you now.

  7. hey there! thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog today!! you made me laugh so hard :) i am following you back of course!!


  8. What a wonderful idea... thank you for being you and doing it!


  9. hi nicole! saw your comments on my pink overload blogpost (actually via email.. somehow it disappeared on my blog!) but thank you so much for the kind words, i'm so glad you enjoyed my post! i've added my link here and following you now :)


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