thank heaven for the mountains...

posted on: 10.29.2012

A little bit about that tsunami warning Saturday.

We filled a misfit collection of water holding vessels late Saturday night with what must have amounted to a small swimming pool's worth of water.  We checked batteries for life and pantries for food.  We listened on our hand cranked radio, until we realized we hadn't actually been hit with a tsunami yet and so turned on the ipod, (we may have panicked a bit, just a little), for updates.  We looked nervously at each other as sirens wailed in the dark stillness and loudspeakers shouted out the command:  

Move to higher ground.

A tsunami had been generated after the earth shook itself awake.  As if someone stood on one corner of the earth, Canada to be exact, and shook that great sheet of a sea, sending it billowing, a newly hoisted sail filled with an inspired wind. 

The thing with tsunamis is they are no storm at all, really.  
The ocean is quiet and still and deceptively calm and beautiful...
And then, It isn't.  

And, when the ocean threatens to rise up and swallow you whole in one swift gulp, well, thank heaven for the mountains.

They are stoic sentries, those mountains, and we take them, too regularly, for granted here.  Driving right past them without a glance, except, perhaps, for the occasional nod of a hike along their weathered trails, as we make our way to the beach, the lover in whose arms we'd rather be.  

But they are also so very forgiving, those mountains.  A patient companion who knows too well the fickle affection of the sea to be moved.  

They are our higher ground.

live sweet, 


Oh and also, can we maybe thank heaven for this guy here, you know, just for good measure.  I'm pretty sure we're gonna be wanting him on our side in any sort of a tussle, right?

These photos were taken during a family run through the valley near our little beach town.  

We are all of course fine.  Although our hand cranked radio is wondering what all the "cranking" was about and may be slightly traumatized.  

All of our aloha filled thoughts are turning to the East Coast today.  
Stay safe.  Stay dry.


  1. So glad you're all okay...yes the mountains. You described them so beautifully so perfectly...the patient, stoic, willing. And that is where we are today as wind and rain batter down. Prayers to all- east and west. <3

    1. I thought of you as I read reports of that Sandy having her way with your coast. Stay safe you.

  2. glad you're alright! i never heard anything else after the warning so it must have not been bad.

    1. So sweet of ya-- thanks. We were so fine that the boys really were able to sleep through much of the to do.

  3. I'm glad you're OK! Scary stuff! We don't get tsunamis or hurricanes or tornadoes in Greece but we got earthquakes!!! Just as scary and there's no warning!

  4. Glad all of yours is Okay. We've had a bit of the bad weather here on the east coast.
    Freaky weather almost everywhere....


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