once upon a weekend in paradise...

posted on: 10.22.2012

Charlie took the day off on Friday so we could attend a friend's wedding in Waikiki.  Boy oh boy do I love love.  And, is there a greater celebration of love than when all are gathered and "I do's" and "I do too's" are exchanged?  It was the sweetest of days for a wedding complete with Waikiki sunsets and dancing and fireworks filling the beautiful Hawaiian night sky.  

Prepare yourself.  A montage laden with family photos featuring tropical sunsets and such to follow-- you may wanna put on an aloha shirt and grab a "mini umbrella donning" Maitai.  
Cue the tropical breezes and lazy palm trees...  

The boys were surprisingly good sports when it came time to switch out their "surfah slippahs" for more acceptable footwear.  It turns out if socks are involved little Seanzy is down for pretty much anything.  The boy loves his socks.


This introspective moment here, which really looks quite sad and pitiful, was just a quiet prelude to hours of incessant rug cutting.  
Who knew Gangnam Style was his thing?


I so can't wait to hear all about what you were up to this weekend past and what you'll be up to this week ahead.  And, also, you must tell me when you'll be booking your trip to paradise so we can watch sunsets and dream dreams in the most beautiful of tropical hues together...

Cheers to Love.

live sweet, 



  1. Hi, Nicole! It's Kristy from Shona Skye Creations! Thanks for inviting me over to your blog! Following (or should I say virtually vacationing?) via GFC! LOVE it!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  2. Girl, I may have a corn maze to visit, but you are in HAWAII!!!! So jealous! I'm definiltey going to spend the winter months visiting your blog :)

    Following you back!


  3. ALOHA! Loved seeing the pure local gorgeousness of your location. What better place to say your "I do's"? New follower... keep posting those fabulous shots of heaven on earth! xoxo jules

  4. Hi! It's Vickilicious from http://thegreekhousewife.blogspot.gr/ I followed back and I'm so glad I did! What wonderful photos of a wonderful place! I wish I could come to Hawaii but all the way from Greece?!!! Maybe one day, I won't lose hope! BTW I'm a sucker for weddings, too!

  5. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous family!! What a fabulous location ..... Xxxxx

  6. Love the blog and the pictures... specially the one of your little man with the two of you reflected in the window. We did Hawaii for our honeymoon 4 years ago and I am already plotting a return trip when my little man gets a bit bigger. I want him to be able to remember the awesomeness of it.

    Holly @ not done growing

  7. wow! looks beautiful there! would love to visit Hawaii one day!

  8. It looks really nice there. Hope to get there some day! Thanks for stopping by my page!!
    Returning the Love!
    Sue's Review's

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This really does look like paradise, your photos are amazing and I would love to go to Hawaii someday! Following you now :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

  10. wow... dreamy pictures!!! thank you for stopping by my blog and allow me to find your beautiful blog!! Following you back!! ;)


  11. Wow, paradise!!!! I am so jealous! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am now happily following you!

    XOXO Tiffany

    My Makeup Boxes

  12. I've got a new desktop background. Thanks for the photo.


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