i want to eat your...

posted on: 10.09.2012

chocolate bwains.  

And other reasons I am falling madly deeply in love with having a chalkboard this fall.  

We started decorating for Fall and one of the first things we did was to finish painting the large outdoor chalkboard and play center for the kids.  It is now, like, half done, which is a whole lot more than the "half done" state it was in for the first half of this year and I'm thinking we might actually have it totally done someday soon, so long as I don't get hit with any other wonderful projects to "half start", ya know?  So, enough with my well demonstrated flakiness, I own that, and on to the chalkboard love...

Reason 1:

With the stroke of a chalk wielding hand you can integrate your chalkboard into your seasonal decor.

Reason 2:

It's a chalkboard!
As a child of the eighties and nineties I can attest that there is nothing sweeter than a board on which chalk writes and from which dust flies.  In fact I spent a good deal of my school days, between the ages of seven and way older than I should have been, relentlessly raising and waving my arm hoping for a chance to "write the answer on the board"-- and God forbid physical fatigue should set in, well, I had mastered the "use one arm to prop up the other" stance, 'cause defeat, bah, defeat was not an option when writing on the classroom chalkboard was at stake.

(As an aside, the nine year old does not so much appreciate the sweet vintage feel of a dusty chalky board and would have had a dry erase just the same.  Dry erase,  pshh, kids these days.)

Reason 3:

When the neighborhood kiddos come over to play and you say "let's decorate for Halloween and they hear "let's reenact a zombie apocalypse" and fill the board with terror inspiring statements like, "I want to eat your chocolate bwains", well, you can giggle and smile and know that you won't have to suffer long through even the very cutest of threats 'cause you are just one good dusting away from a clean slate.  

Reason Most Important:

Hangman, on a chalkboard, is there any better way to play that morbid classroom fave of letters and body parts?

live sweet,


We loved this dustless chalk, although we paid half that price.


  1. Love it...but I'll pass on the chocolate bwains...just sayin'...thanks for hosting too. XO D

  2. What a neat idea! I like chalkboards, too. Sometimes I miss them when I am in the classroom as everything is basically whiteboards now.

    I am now following you, and if you are interested, please check out my blog:


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