a holiday heart check...

posted on: 10.25.2012

There are eight weeks until Christmas Day, just eight, I know, I counted every one of them, twice.  

And I'm in need of a heart check here.  

It's not any sort of a big thing, really.  Just a kind of feeling down deep for the pulse at the center of it all as the holidays approach.  It's funny how fall so quickly turns to winter and Halloween to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving to Christmas and then it's done, this year in our short lives.  

I know this heart check won't help to get packages mailed on time, regretfully so, or costumes measured and cut and sewn, or turkeys roasted more plump and less dry... at least I'm pretty sure it won't.  But it will infuse the days with just a bit of the joy filled moments that are oxygen to my soul and that will allow me to breathe beauty more deeply into the living here.

Join me, if you please, as I count them down, those weeks, one by one, each Thursday 'til Christmas, with a sweet holiday heart check.  A sharing of one simple thing to remind myself of my little heart, and of the sweet things that keep it beating, with love.  Because, regretfully, while I am a giver, it's just the kind of soul I've been dealt, and so willingly love this season of gathering and giving, I too easily forget to give to myself, you know?  

Each week you'll find an easy heart check thing I'll be doing, just a little something good for body mind or soul, and a collection of sweet uplifting links, if you'd like you can add your own links to beautiful things you'd like to share. 
And, mostly, you'll find here, a girl, who in the midst of a time of beautiful holidays is reaching to find her own heart, in some small way.  

Week Eight

Drink eight glasses of water

live sweet, 


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  1. You never cease to amaze me ~ such a beautiful bit of trickery--- I was thinking PSA...for "heart conditions" yanno the ones that afflict millions around the world. But this too me thinks. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Oh, but it is a PSA for "heart conditions" that afflict millions-- holiday heart conditions. =) It's really truly just my little way of keeping perspective and staying healthy while working holiday magic like every mama does. 'hope you'll join me for regular "heart checks" and other beautiful things.

  2. Hi, Thanks for hosting I follow your Facebook and Google. hope you follow back. Thank you, Nan

  3. This is such a fun idea! I came to visit after your comment on my blog and I love it here! I feel peaceful already. :) New follower!


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