the thing to do...

posted on: 9.04.2012

On a long weekend in Hawaii.

 Well, the thing to do is of course to go to the beach.  
There's always beautiful surf and sand and sun and so WE, of course, turned to the mountains and hiked our way through a holiday's worth of gnarly roots and muddy paths.

We slipped and slid and laughed and used the hours of an early afternoon to weave the story of our lives a little more tightly together. 

Lessons learned from a Sweet Hawaiian Afternoon Hike:
(These are mostly stolen from careful observation of one of my favorite people.  Thanks Aunty.)

1.  What goes up must come down... eventually.  And if you are climbing a mountain, well, "eventually" may seem especially "forever like".

2.  Stopping to smell the roses or to point out the umpteenth giant fern is a perfectly acceptable strategy for working in a break without conceding that a break is required.

3.  Laughter helps.

4.  Falling down helps conjure up laughter.

5.   Stories told between desperate gasps for air during up hill climbs are mostly unnecessary and also, who are we kidding guys, really?  
(Yet, strangely are extra appreciated due to the required effort).

6.  And then again, that laughter... how sweet it is echoing off of a lush valley and the full hearts of the ones you love.

live sweet, 



  1. Beautiful pics! We love hiking together as a family too. :)

  2. Gorgeous photos. Where were you?

    1. These were taken on Makiki Trail; it goes up the mountain and through a valley or two before ending back at the Hawaii Nature Center. =)

  3. Your blog makes me ache for Hawaii! Love it, new follower!


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