steppin' out in the rain...

posted on: 9.26.2012

Sometimes when it rains all weekend long and you are sharing twelve hundred square feet of living space with three other bodies, well, sometimes you just gotta get to steppin' out in that rain. 

And that is how we found ourselves at Sea Life Park Sunday afternoon.  

Oh it was such an incredibly magical way to spend a rainy afternoon.

live sweet, 


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  1. Would love to see that Park so much :)

  2. Warm greetings from East Tennessee! Thank you kindly for stopping by my humble little spot in Blogosphere on Monday. It was a joy to relax & soak up your blog this morning. You have such a lovely spot here. You've made me feel a part of your life even though we just met. Your photos and words touched me. I'm now following you via GFC & shall look forward to knowing you better!
    Cathy Kennedy's Blog

  3. You are so right! I know that when The Boy's had enough of cabin fever, putting on the rain boots and sloshing through neighborhood puddles makes us both feel wonderful. So glad you had fun despite the weather!

  4. Thanks for hosting!!!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  5. I'm a new follower from hop.

  6. Hi from the blog hop (:

    Yeah, the rain really doesn't stop me from doing things. I love going out in rainy weather. I'm glad you had fun at Sea Life Park! It looks super fun. I just love sea creatures <3

    Happy Wednesday!

    xoxo Heather

  7. Hi Nicole! I'm coming to visit you after you left a comment on my blog ^^
    Like your blog a lot, it's the complete opposite of mine LOL well, maybe except for the filtered photos, I'm a sucker for those!!! Hope to see you around again. Big hug and kiss!

  8. Hi Nicole!
    Due to your sweet comments on my blog I of course had to come visit yours, and I am so glad I did. It is adorable and I am so excited to now follow along:)


  9. Nicole,

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and your sweet comments! I've linked up and look forward to connecting with you!


  10. Loving your blog! Thanks for your comments on my post, I'm a new follower.


  11. Sweet! Thanks for hosting :)


  12. Looks like a wonderful time! I haven't been to a sea park in several years...I need to go!

  13. Thanks for the linkup! I appreciate it! :)


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