sometimes i just know...

posted on: 9.20.2012

God laughs to the point of crying, and then it rains.
That God he's been "ha, ha, ha"ing a whole big bunch right over my little house lately.

Ice cream cones are so WAY better on the front porch, with little boys.
And, also with sprinkles, lots and lots of sprinkles.

When the nine year old says "cuddle" you cuddle.
And when he says "don't cuddle" you cuddle anyway.

And also I think, sometimes I just know...
 that these days they are a passing, minute by minute by minute, and if I could I'd bottle them all up and label them in all caps "CHERISH THESE", "THIS IS LOVE", and I'd tuck them away in some dusty old box to be discovered and pulled out and opened up when everyone has long since moved on and the picture that I kept folded in my mind of these sweet days is tattered and faded from the regular folding and unfolding.   

And seeing them preserved in that jar like the very sweetest of jellies I'd twist and turn and pry them loose and spread them across the days ahead making those future more grown up days just a bit sweeter, by the remembering of these right here.

live sweet, 



  1. I can't agree with you more, if only there were a way to truly encapsulate these childhood years. Mahalo for this.

  2. That is sooo cute! I love that, God has been hahahaing! So when it rains I'm going to tell everybody now that it's because god was laughing so hard that he started crying :)
    So cute! I firmly believe in cuddling as well :)

  3. What a cute post :) Enjoy those precious moments.

    xo Tami

  4. Nicole, You have a book of poetry in these blogs. I find this one so bittersweet. I watched the Sunday Kahana video and just ached to be with the young Ty and Sean.

  5. Today was not one of those days for me... but I definitely know what you mean. I have been feeling way nostalgic lately and I think God gave me sick, whiney children today to make me realize that them growing up isn't SUCH a bad thing... :)

  6. What beautiful words and so very true! When they say "don't cuddle" you definitely cuddle anyway! :-)

  7. Such a sweet post, and beautiful pictures.

  8. Beautifully said, but I bet those future "grown up" days will have a sweetness of their own, too! xo

  9. oh just beautiful! I am a new Mom and I already feel like this! Happy Friday! New follower from the Hop!

  10. That first sentence cracked me up! And told me I needed to come over and leave a comment saying so ;) Please know that even though I stink at commenting, I read every post in my email.


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