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posted on: 9.14.2012

And Happy Weekend.

When I was a wee little, little my parents had this incredible tolerance for creative messes.  They would proudly display my awfully constructed bits of scribble scrabble on the kitchen fridge as if Pablo Picasso himself had never created a more beautiful sort of distorted coloring outside of the lines.  And I am forever grateful for their, well, what I can only describe as, blindness kindness.  

I see what it has meant for my life, for the kind of living I have embraced as an adult.  Somehow assigning my little "masterpiece" a prominent spot on the fridge through their shuffling of church bulletins and school notices and such-- well, somehow it impressed upon my little heart the sweet message of the beauty of life's little messes.  

Here are our beautiful messes for this week...

Mama Duck and Ducklings.  
In Wax Crayon by: Seanzy
This piece is currently on display on our kitchen fridge.  Viewings by appointment.-- but, bonus... you can help yourself to a glass of milk while enjoying the artwork.

A sweet little princess inspired collection.  
In Wearable Mixed Media.  By: Me
These pieces are available here, in our sweet little shop. 

Oh I do so hope you'll go out and create beautiful messes in the days ahead.  I turn twenty nine and a half today for the fifth year in a row, well, actually I've turned twenty nine one too many times, (Tyty is catching on), and since one cannot stay twenty nine forever, see, I am now twenty nine and a half.  

I expect many a beautiful mess will be made as the boys and I celebrate another year of living.

Oh and you must tell me all about the beautiful messes you'll create over these sweet weekend days... I can't wait to hear ALL about them.

Happy Weekend!

live sweet, 



  1. I came to visit from Bloggy Moms and I love that this is the first post I saw. I am a mother of four and I LOVE to hand my children's art work on the fridge (southern word sorry, can't hide the south in me LOL) I am always putting everything on there. Even now that my twins are in 7th grade they don't draw much anymore but if they get a good grade or write a poem or anything to let them know I appreciate who they are. P.S. I love the Ducks.
    I hope you can come by and visit my blog at:

  2. All of my kids have enjoyed having their beautiful messes proudly displayed on the fridge. And I've saved so many of them. I love them all!

  3. Love the princess inspired collection. You take beautiful pictures!!!!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  4. ohh i love that line! it's absolutely awesome!

  5. A beautiful have inspired a project for my home :-)
    I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop.



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