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posted on: 9.22.2012

Oh this little post is a shame, a down right shame...

It turns out, you see, I so completely suck at waiting and this right here is testament to my being a lover of haste and of it's rigid hold on me in my ripe old age. 
And so, well, here you go a quick little upcycle post that really should wait 'til next month but, well that waiting and I we just don't seem to quite see eye to eye on any occasion really, but most especially Halloween.

If you are a lover of Halloween and, or, also, perhaps, if you have a house full of littles who love that most bewitching of holidays... well, it's likely you have a handful or two of little plastic spider rings, left overs from hauntings of years past.

Pottery Barn-esque Glitter Spider Vase Filler

Small plastic spider rings
Spray Glue
Black Glitter
Three large sheets of paper 
or other
 disposable work surfaces

Try on like all of the spider rings at once just for funs... and also because it's quite unlikely you will get away with the next step without first slipping those little plastic rings on all ten fingers, and perhaps all ten toes, of any littles in the nearby vicinity.

Cut off the circular rings using a sturdy pair of scissors.

Lay out the spiders on a disposable work surface.

Working with one spider at a time generously spray with glue.  

Move spider to a clean sheet of paper, (a sheet of paper works best to easily pour excess glitter back into the jar).  Cover with glitter.

Finally place spider on a clean sheet of paper to dry completely.

I've found that spray glue is best used outside for lots of really good reasons that Charlie keeps making it his job to point out, easy clean up being paramount.  Also, a pair of not so precious tweezers will help keep sticky spiders from creepily hanging on to your finger tips whilst being transferred.

You can find a link to the real Pottery Barn Glitter Spider Vase Fillers here, which obviously are real cute, but also, real expensive.

I'm in love with this pumpkin spice latte recipe here, because, probably, this project plus a sweet fall latte would make for the bees knees of fall days, ya know? 

And this, oh it's far too early for this kind of fun so of course here ya go.

Happy Weekend too.

live sweet, 



  1. Wow these plastic spiders are looking damn real....! Where did you find all of them???

  2. Those are awesome...a glittery reminder of Hagrid's spiders fleeing the castle in the Chamber of Secrets...spooky!


  3. Oh my gosh, what a great idea! Normally those little critters just freak me out and I toss them ... not this month!

  4. That's a really neat and inexpensive project...but honestly I have too many real spiders in my house that I wouldn't feel highly motivated to add fake ones to the mix! :P

  5. I love this tutorial! They turned out so fab. Can't wait to try it!


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