"no soup for you"...

posted on: 9.25.2012

On learning to love and leave the "no's".

You know what I have been getting an awful lot of lately, those "nos".  
Loud and clear and oh so purposely spoken.   

It's like someone made an old school mixed tape of "no's" with varied pitch and tone. 
A tape that would too easily play on:

me: hi
tape: no.

me: would you...
tape 2: No-oo-o.

me: hiwouldyou... 
 (in a very hurried get it in because you know IT's coming...)
tape 3: NO!

Right, then.  
I've been trying to not let them settle in my little soul, but it may be a bit more delicate than I'd like to admit, that little soul of mine. 

There's a point to this, 'promise,  except that that "no, no, no "ing"" has been playing in my head so long that I kind of sort of forgot the point except that now looking at that title up there I realize this post was gonna be about the soup nazi, you know from Seinfeld, a completely worthy of 7:43 minutes of your life clip can be found here.  

Just the other day when I was watching it and remembering and thinking "holy moly that's funny" and also "I'm living in that soup line right now", and while watching Elaine from 6:59 on, well, I realized "I can make my own soup", ya know?  

I contacted a gazillion places, said a quadrillion prayers and well, learned that "no" is a perfectly good answer, sometimes.  Oh, it CAN be painfully disappointing for sure and awkward and sucky and some how all the while being good.  That God, he may be onto something with his subtle nudges towards just the right "YES". 

  My "yes" came in the form of Queen's Medical Center Cancer Center and their willingness to collaborate with Local Sugar Hawaii on an upcoming campaign, but it only came after many a "no".  And so, in the end, that sweet little "yes", well, it was made all the more sweet and oh so right by the "no's" overcome along the way.

Do you struggle with the "no's" or have you already learned their sometimes painful usefulness?  
Of course you have you sweet wise soul.

live sweet, 


When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us

--Helen Keller


  1. Oh how right you are! Those "no's" can be so irritating and disheartening, but when the " yes" comes it feels fabulous. Thanks for the reminder.....and I'm happy that you got your yes!! :-)

  2. Aw what an inspiring post.... Love the quote at the end. Your posts are always so beautiful ! You should write a book!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  3. Every "no" was for a good reason...because the "yes" is the right one!!! What are you collaborating with QMC on? I'm excited to see what you have in store :)


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