posted on: 9.12.2012

I think this may be my new favorite version of this little song right here.  

Is there ANYTHING any sweeter than thinking that life has let you down-- locked you out of a concert, a moment, that you so wanted to be a part of only to turn around and find that while the concert wasn't yours to partake in, the singing a duet in an alley with Jason Mraz was the sweet moment intended just for you?  

When one door closes...  

live sweet, 


Join me for the very sweetest link up with friends, an opening up to the possibilities... 


  1. Thank you for hosting this link up each week! I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers!

  2. That was the COOLEST video! I am following you back from the blog hop. What island do you live on? I will be in Hawaii in March. Stacie xo

  3. That is so cute! I love it when famous people are so down to earth and chill like this.

  4. That is awesome! Linking up with the aloha blog hop.

  5. so imagine my excitement when i received my royal blue infinity scarf and found a sweet little gift inside as well!!! you are such a generous, thoughtful girl and i am so appreciative of you! today i am sending my aloha across the pacific and hope you feel it sweet friend!xox


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