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posted on: 9.06.2012

Grand Opening Giveaway.

We did it you guys!!  Today is a day for celebrating and giving thanks and well, just being in this moment together as we open Local Sugar Hawaii (the shop) and begin to write a most amazing story of hope and aloha together.  

I've gathered the very sweetest of friends who have oh so generously agreed to help me open this little online store right here.  And what grander way to open up shop than with a Grand Opening Giveaway.  

One lucky person will win ANY item of their choice, yup anything, at all, what-so-ever AND an Upcycled Infinity Scarf in one of the seasons most celebrated colors: Royal Blue.  

You can join the celebration by entering below in as many ways as you please.  

You can read more about the journey to this moment and the story of funk{e} herehere and here and probably a whole bunch of other places too, but, well, you get the sense that it's been a bit of a journey, a ride, and I am oh so glad we've been on it together.  

And if you can't wait for the contest to end, and want to be sure to snag one of the oh so very limited edition pieces before they are gone, you can shop away and enter LOCALSUGAR2012 to save big at checkout.

Big Huge Luck to Ya, 
Thank You, for being you and for letting me be, well, little 'ole me.



  1. So excited to be your newest follower!!! Thanks for following me at Fiddle-Dee-Dee!!!

  2. Congratulations on the grand opening!! I found your blog on Casey Wiegand's blog and I love it. New follower!!!! Come check out my blog if you get the chance!


  3. http://www.etsy.com/listing/107888854/black-three-strand-draped-statement - fave!!

  4. Yay! Congrats on your grand opening...how exciting!

    Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest

  5. Congrats! It's so cool to see people accomplishing what they love to do. Those upcycled infinity scarves are lovely! I'm currently in the process of opening my own Etsy shop--something I never thought I would be doing! This blogging world is totally empowering and supportive :) New follower!

    Kera @ http://nuggetonabudget.blogspot.com

  6. A big congrats to you on this milestone! Opening a new shop is always fun and exciting so I want to wish you the BEST of luck! Lovely giveaway btw :)

    Following you back!

    Xoxo Jessica

  7. Congrats on opening the shop. I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you have an HTML code for your shop button I could add it to my sponsor buttons until October. If you wish to do so please email me your code, a picture of your choice, a paragraph or 2 or 3 { however many you'd like }. I will give ya a shout when I get the post up. You can email me at TheCraftySideOfSarcasm@gmail.com. I hope you have a great weekend.


  8. Congrats! Following you back from the blog hop!

  9. My favorite item is http://www.etsy.com/listing/107888854/black-three-strand-draped-statement
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  10. I'll be bold, funk{e}, and me by not caring what anyone else thinks :)
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com


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