happy weekend...

posted on: 9.07.2012

What a beautifully full week. 

With the help of some of the very sweetest of friends and with all of wonderful you, of course, we launched Local Sugar Hawaii (the shop). 

Oh, the nerves that shook and rattled in this little soul of mine as we got ready to open up shop and officially put these sweet little creations here, out there in the big big world for all to see and own a little piece of, and oh, the complete melting away of fears as the dearest of friends and family and sweet strangers too, became a part of the story of funk{e} and the aloha we share...  

Thank you, just... really, truly thank you...

 For providing just the gentlest of nudges as I teetered on the edge of that great abyss of the unknown.  And, for scooting up to that edge, that moment, with me... and for leaping. 

And, oh the sweet ride we will have together...

You can shop the shop here.
Find the winner of last week's beautiful yoga giveaway here.
Enter this week's giveaways here and here too.

And after a beautiful, but long, week the littles and I just might dance in the living room tonight to this right here before putting those lions, and fears, to bed.

And happy weekend too!

live sweet, 



  1. Sweet blog you have! I am definitely following :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I'm also looking forward to perusing your shop ;)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog from another blog hop. I'm participating in your blog hop from yesterday as well. I love the items in your shop! I look forward to following along.


  3. Nicole, thanks so much for following my blog and for the sweet comment. I'm your newest follower too :)
    Congratulations on opening up your cute shop!! It's definitely nerve-wracking, but you did it! :) so happy for you and wish you luck on the new adventure! <3
    Glad to meet you! Look forward to reading more from you!!

  4. Congrats to your grand opening. Funk{e} will do great!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    Tomorrow is Operation Fabulous! Hope to bring you some new followers and traffic! Have some shop things available for people to see ;)

  5. I don`t know which one I like more. Wishing you all the luck with the shop.

    Greetings from Serbia,

  6. Hi New follower from Operation Fabulous!


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