cute and not so cute...

posted on: 9.06.2012

 Cute is scribbling "aloha" in the sand on a sunny summer beach day... 

Not so cute is visiting that same beach a few weeks later donning a big chunky sweater and a distinct sense that Fall is well on its way, even in paradise.

Cute is flipping through these next few photos j-u-s-t so and enjoying a little "flip book like" series of tummy squishing goodness...

Not so flippin' cute would be this mommy doing her own version of that right there.  
Why do those little squishable tummy spots lose their cuteness, right?!

live sweet, 



  1. Fall comes to paradise too? Ah well. I <3 the season anyway :)

  2. Visiting from Naptime Review.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  3. Look Mommy I got a baby crab in my belly hole. He likes it in there with all that sand.
    I miss those squishy tummy days!! With my baby being 7 now they are few and far between. I would love for fall to come visit us here in Arkansas. It was still in the 90s yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hahah new follower here from Oahu! People don't understand how cold 70 degree weather can be for islanders!! ;)

  5. Aw- consensus is you have a cutie- and I know about those tummy spots or more precisely the bum/leggy ones. My daughter saw one of those not so cute advertisements for lipsuction (you know the ones in the sidebar of email) well she wondered why there were butt/legs and why it said that word and why my legs looked like that too. Sheesh. Can a mom not win? Ah well. Live Aloha.
    Thanks for linking up to Ladies Holiday Photo Friday Blog Hop! <3

  6. Hi Nicole! So happy you dropped by the other day. Excited to be following you now! By the way, your son's a very handsome little dude! =) Makes me a little sad to think that mine will be growing up to be that big too soon.


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