a little about the weekend...

posted on: 9.25.2012

If you played this right here in the background, whilst mulling through that post down there, well, perhaps it could be a more beautiful sort of thing... perhaps.

There are moments when life is big huge beautiful, like really big huge... we didn't have any of those this weekend.  

Nope, there was not a single big huge beautiful thing about this weekend just a stringing along of the littlest of moments that meant the big huge world, you know when viewed and stretched out across the days through that powerful magnifying glass that love can sometimes be.

It rained a lot and so we found ourselves cooped up in our little beach town cottage of a home a lot.  Which means we also stepped on each other's little toes a lot and apologized in cuddles a lot and it turns out we needed that, a lot.

What is it about the rain, or the snow or pretty much the gentle falling down of anything from heaven above that seems to transform this little bit of world that we occupy into a snow globe like existence, fluid and slow and magically curious.  I like that, and I like too that I was trapped in that snow globe of a weekend with three silly boys who I so needed to slowly pass that time with, ya know, for just that little bit of a slow going week's end.

live sweet, 


  And this too, with those books surrounding and their voices pleading, and the rain I imagine outside falling, and also that "f" word, I don't believe I've ever heard the "f" word sound so unapologetically beautiful as it does here.  
Be forewarned the "f" word is no slight minor chord here...   


  1. I love Mumford and Sons - they do something to me every single time. I also love the rebirth that apologies with cuddles can bring. Check me out sometime when you have the chance. xo- Monica


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