a cupcake war...

posted on: 9.17.2012

And a really quite ridiculous panel of judges.

I got all dolled up a week or so ago and announced that I was going to go to the 10th Annual Woman's Expo, oh but doesn't that just sound oh so official.  And when one takes just one little look at the sticky floors and such and starts desperately grasping at excuses to so very quickly vacate the premises before any sort of chores start being doled out, well... announcing that one must be somewhere "official" sounding, well... that helps.

So off I went to spend the better part of a Sunday afternoon being all girly in the name of "blogging" and "business" and "momma needs to get out of here before momma starts to lose it"-- which in truth would be more like "give momma a break before she loses that teensy tinsy ounce of sanity she has left", ya know?  

And isn't it true that just a moment to yourself as a mom has you missing those littles and their suddenly "cute" little messes oh so much.  And so while at the expo I hunted down a trinket or two and then got right on with the very serious business of finding goodies for the boys, who I missed oh so very much and who I convinced myself needed cupcakes.  
And oh boy oh boy did I find cupcakes to bring home to them.

There were these sweet little gems from Hokulani Bake Shop, who, it turns out, actually entered the real Cup Cake Wars on TLC and won, for their yummy red velvet. 

And these from up and coming Legendary Taste, oh these were oh so good and a buck a piece less than the Hokulani cupcakes which were over three dollars each and geesh is it just me or is three an awfully big amount of dollars for something that is gone in just two bites.  That's a buck fifty a bite guys-- well, actually a bit more.

And so we assembled, gathering around our living room coffee table with cupcake eating utensils in hand.  Taking our cupcake tasting duties oh so seriously.  We hummed and hawed over the flavors and textures and used big words like "overwhelming" and "subtle" and also "really yummy".  And then we, in our pajamas, it was pushing eight thirty yo-- on a school night, announced the winner, oh it was all so very exciting...

Hokulani Bakeshop's Red Velvet 
for it's not so overwhelming sweetness and subtle balance of flavors


Legendary Taste's Cinnamon Roll
for it's being "really yummy"

live sweet, 




  1. Mini-cupcakes and cake-pops are just so . . . small!

    Yup, they can be tasty, oh so trendy, but my individual serving size tends to fit in a meal loaf container.

    Thanks for the fun post. I hope the trip to the expo included wearing some of your handiwork and making great contacts

  2. ohyum.


  3. Hey I have followed you back. Great post, I'm practically drooling over my keyboard! Lol.

    Sylvia @ sweetpeasylvie.com


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