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posted on: 8.03.2012

Hawaiian moon.

We took the boys out one evening this week to swim in the Pacific ocean as the moon rose overhead.  Sigh.  This weekend we'll sleep and wake on that very same beach... with friends, in tents... and with the ocean humming gentle lullabies in the background.  Sigh, sweet sweet sighs.  These are the days, aren't they, the ones that make for a real sort of living.

I hope you have all sorts of plans for living well this weekend. I hope they will lead you to a myriad of unexpected moments filled with the sweetest joy.

We'll be peeking into one last beach bag tomorrow from this beautiful blogger right here.  And, we'll be giving away our beach bag filled to overflowing with the very sweetest of beach essentials; details here.  

And happy weekend to ya too.

live sweet,



  1. Have fun camping out on the beach! The weather is perfect for that and with the big beautiful moon to light your nights, it's going to be even more beautiful!! :)

  2. I can't imagine camping on a beach with the ocean nearby! That's stuff dreams are made of!

  3. Oh that sounds lovely! I love night time on the beach.


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