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posted on: 8.17.2012

No, we aren't baking a pie but I sure do seem to be layering on the flakiness around here like, as if, my pastry lovin' life depended on it.  And if you've noticed the lack of posts and general "flaking off" that's been going on around these parts, well, I hope, maybe, just perhaps, you'll consider my sincerely heartfelt excuse as some sort of amends...

You see I've been running here there and everywhere in the real world getting stuff together for our new line of earth friendly accessories and while I don't have any make up posts for you I do hope you'll accept this exciting news I'm about to hit ya with as, well, a sort of "I'm sorry" and "I won't ever, EVER be so very flaky... ever... again"...  
And, if you follow me on Facebook I do hope you'll play along and feign that you are so awesomely shocked when I tell ya...

Local Sugar Hawaii is now one of the newest, and probably the tiniest of all, members of 1% for The Planet.  1% is a big commitment for little 'ole us but I think we can do it you guys-- I think we can make a commitment as a little business to do small things with big huge love, don't ya think? 

I approached Costco this week, big bulky Costco to see if we could take their cardboard scraps and use them to create beautiful things... and they said "YES"-- isn't that beautiful?  Just really, truly beautiful?!

So here's a bit about our accessories line.  But first, I was talking to a friend earlier this week about how I shut people out when I am going through challenges, how I turn inward, probably out of fear and a bit out of consideration, I so don't want to burden anyone else, and well, how I need to stop it.  So, deep breath, here's a bit about what I've been working on 'cause if we really are on this ride together, well, let's ride...

The plan is simple.  

To do meaningful work that gives back to our community every step of the way.  

We will purchase used t-shirts from local charities, turn those t-shirts into fashion accessories to be sold locally and globally, sell them and then give back to our community through programs like 1% For The Planet. 

Phew.  I did it.  I shared.  That wasn't so very hard.  You all are just too darn sweet for that to be hard and I'm not sure why that took so long, that getting it out there.

So there ya have it.  I hope you'll keep an eye out for our etsy store opening September first and I hope you'll check out 1% here.  But, mostly... I hope you feel empowered to take on challenges that might seem bigger than you are right now, but that I have no doubt your sweet soul can handle, and I hope you'll tell me all about them too.  

Happy Weekend.

live sweet, 



  1. Wow I needed to read this. My husband has been looking for work for almost 2 years now, and right now we're really feeling backed into a corner.

    I have a little online shop called SoPupuka. You can check it out at I've taught myself some graphic design and have been making stuff with it - right now, notecards and stickers, but I would like to expand to other products. A lot of people have said that like my stuff, and that I could do a lot with it, but I'm so timid and nervous about marketing my work. It's paralyzing, but what you said at the end, that we can handle our challenges was a big help to me. What sweet encouragement.

    I really appreciate you putting your big plans out there for all of us to see. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I love your business idea and I can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations. Best of luck to you!

  2. Ihilani are you on O'ahu? I will help ya any way I can; you can email me anytime at

    hang in there you.

  3. I am so happy for you Nicole. I love that you are a member of 1%. I saw your accessories on facebook and they look awesome, my colours :) I can't wait for your etsy store to open x

  4. Hi there! I am here via Spilled Milkshake's "Getting to Know Your Weekend" bloghop. I love your ideas for upcycling old Costco cardboard and used charity t-shirts, I think it will be a great re-use of resources for your business. Best of luck to you!

  5. good for you with the etsy store and recycling! your community (and us blog friends) are lucky to have you!

  6. What an awesome concept and such a fabulous commitment to your community! 'm so glad I found you via the Spilled Milkshake Blog Hop! Keep it up - great work like this is always so rewarding in the end and I can't wait to see the things you use all that cardboard and t-shirts for!

  7. Wow, that's so impressive! What a big undertaking, but I'm sure you'll make it seem effortless!

  8. Oh my goodness this is SO fantastic! I will totally check out that Etsy store come September.
    Nicely done ladies!

  9. I am so excited for you! And I love the premise and can't wait to see whatcha got...and really you haven't been flaky at all, just in the kneading process, you know the dough, the crust, the behind the scenes...then comes the assembling, then the baking and then the sharing...kind of like the little red hen, only not, in fact just like Nicole...and just like amazing women the world over. Can't wait to see whatcha got! Hooray!


  10. Oh, I am so excited for you!!! I cannot wait to see your etsy store!

    You are totally up to this challenge.

    You are awesome.


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