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posted on: 8.14.2012

August is a hot month in Hawaii.
Hot in the hot AND muggy sense, in the "if there were EVER a month to not spend in paradise"... well, this would be it.  

But we manage, ya know?  In paradise.

We engage in a kinda silly game of hide and seek with the sun.  Hiding in our little home during the hottest hours of the day and then quickly running out to seek the last few bits of sunlight before they disappear behind the Ko'olau Mountains for what, I can only imagine, must be the most beautiful sunsets stretched out across Waikiki Beach.

Life, lately... life is good.

live sweet, 


I think if we played our little hide and seek game to this little song right here, well, I bet it'd be more sweet and less silly.
Do you know Cris Cab's voice?  Do you love it as much as I do?

And then there's this... this is pure sweetness...
Join me, if you please for a sweet little link up with friends.


  1. Life sounds great, can you send some heat over here? x

  2. Love the way you enjoy in life! Precious!

  3. You're so lucky to live in paradise... literally! :) Love the photos!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  4. Great photos! Hope that gorgeous water helps with the heat.

  5. lucky you.....and how lucky you are to know to count your blessings!!

  6. looks beautiful!! someday I will visit there... but not in august! :)

  7. So tough, you know, living in all that paradise! LOL j/k...I'm actually very envious of you. Since we've had such a drought here, everything is brown and dried to a crisp. But, the hot hot hot muggy muggy muggy weather has finally backed off a little :)

  8. Thanks for the blog hop! I would love to be in Hawaii right now...looks so beautiful!!

  9. oh boy that sounds HOT! As a Seattle-ite, I melt if it gets above 85, and it's 94 right now! Where did that come from???!
    Hope you enjoy the heat and the last stretch of summer!

  10. That's how it is here in Louisiana also. Between 11 am and 4 pm you do not want to go outside. Speaking of that, I better head out now for my jog before it gets to hot. :) Wouldn't want to have a heat stroke.

    Thanks for hosting the link up!

    Gwen @

  11. New GFC follower via the hop (after it was shared by A Little Unhinged). Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend! :)

  12. Thanks for hosting.Always lovely to stop by your beautiful blog :) Would love it if you linked up at Sweet Saturday this weekend ;) Have a good one!


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