posted on: 8.01.2012

And also, how @Ifoundmyself2Nite at the local mall buying a smart phone and smartly riding the choo choo train.

So, of course it's wordless Wednesday and I oh so appropriately have like a gazillion words bouncing around in my head about life and opening up a little line of sweetness and twitter, tweets and trending-- what the?! 

Little Seanzy and I were doing a quick, I'm outta instant coffee and there's a twitter party I've rsvp'd for that starts at noon and geesh those tweets sure would flow a whole lot more freely with a freshly mixed, and by mixed I mean I take a heaping tablespoon of chunky freeze dried coffee grindish stuff in a cup and mix it up and call it awesome and they really should consider selling this stuff at Starbucks, but oh wait they do, 'cause you know... the awesomeness.  

So, off we went to get some more instant coffee and splenda.  And, well, turns out Costco is like my very own land of the lotus eaters, if in a "why get one roll of paper towels when you could have like a whole little house full" and you really do need forty new dish sponges and a truck load of cherries, yeah, cherries would be good. 

So there I was spending way too long in Costco and coming out with way too much and oh where had the time gone.  And I rushed home and on my way home called that Charlie, he's so stinkin' patient and fiegns concern so wonderfully.  So I called to say if I had a smart phone I wouldn't have to go home to sit in front of the computer and type out my tweets and how am I any sort of a social media anything without a data package, (that there was my attempt at nerd-- which Charlie only, sort of, half bought).  And I then reiterated how very much it was cramping my style, the not having a smartphone from which to attend twitter parties and such .  And then I rushed into the house, Seanzy in tow, logged on to the twitter thingy with the hashtag thingy provided and contributed this...
 I am so excited we're here to talk healthy kids... thanks for having me 

ANNND... cue the crickets.

Turns out just because Hawaii is in the Pacific doesn't mean we are in the Pacific time zone and also, it seems a smart phone can't make up for being dumb and well, we'll see about that 'cause I have a new smart little phone sitting in front of me right this very second and so who's less than smart now?  Except there's a little light blinking on it and this could be important guys, but I'm not willing to ask Charlie about it 'cause he really is only allowed one eye ball rolling opp a day. 

Here's a little something that made the night worth the day-- Seanzy and I took our new smart phone for a choo choo train ride around the mall.  Smart, right?  

live sweet,


Join me, if you please, for a sweet link up with smart friends.


  1. OMG!! I love this page!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Coming over from the blog hop. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Ha ha ha, laughed all the way through this post! I've been trying to convince my husband, but mostly myself, how much I NEED a Smart Phone (Twitter being 1 reason).
    Found you out there in the virtual world and am a new fan of your blog ;-)

  4. I do miss Wordless Wednesday photos. Having said that, I laughed outloud, too.

  5. Omg, I'm so with you on the timezone thing. Guam's timezone is wayyy different from everyone else's since we're smack dab in the middle of the Pacific.

    And honestly, I have NO cellphone. At all. The last phone I had was a Blackberry which was about, oh...4 years ago. But its one less bill to pay. And I'm either at work (on the computer) or at home (on the computer) so it suits me fine. Though I would like a cool smartphone...you know...just to be a smartass. Lol.

    Maybe I'll splurge on one soon...then we can stalk each other on a whole other level. Hahaha.

    ♥ Duckie.

  6. I'm so glad I found your blog! Brand new to this blogging world and I am your newest follower :) Love your posts!


  7. i live in hawaii too and have to agree about the weirdness about time zones! i LOVE finding other hawaii bloggers, definitely following you now :) anyway, headed to check out your older posts...

    pleaes stop on by:

  8. Oh no!! That sucks about the time zone thing!


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