i love...

posted on: 8.24.2012


That Charlie, of mine, he paddles out in the early morn before work, before the other three bodies in this house even begin to stir.  I'm thinking he finds himself out there, in just the slightest of ways, ya know?  With the ocean beneath him and the sun rising and stretching itself out 'til it fills the sky overhead completely.

I think I'd be a bit jealous of his morning rendezvous with the sun, it being a standing date and all... but in truth I'm so very busy stretching and filling the half of the bed he's left empty, ya know, after the initial sigh over his being gone.  

But weekends, oh weekends are for stretching out as long and wide as we can and for filling the days together with sweetness.

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Happy Weekend too.

live sweet, 


Well, and then there's this, as if that Charlie and his love affair with the ocean needed any sort of explaining...