I am...

posted on: 8.20.2012

I am

 ...sitting here typing whilst a thousand different thoughts run wild through my mind.

 ...wondering if I am the only person in this whole wide world who has ever, EVER wondered why we don't have seat belts on school buses-- see I'm telling ya, these thoughts, they're running... wild.

 ...stealing all my kisses from the cutest little curly haired two year old boy.  Bounce... bounce... bounce go the curls when he runs and thump... thump... thump beats my heart with love.

...giggling at that same little cutie who has taken to performing his words:  "look a daw- fah". A what Sean? "daw-fah" (dolphin) "ahh-a-ahh-ahh!" Oh.

...dreaming great-big-huge beautiful dreams and am finding my two hands so frustratingly small. sigh.

...learning that budgets don't always "budge".

...is making this little something here my theme song for a bit. 

...hoping that "little something" there will echo in my mind and still the thoughts, you know, when they get too wildly unkind.

...thinking, maybe you're up to something sweet today and would love to hear all about it...

live sweet, 



  1. I love hearing about your little ones curls. We just got back from playing in the sprinklers at the park. All the best...from NYC

  2. You are definitely not the only one to wonder about bus seat belts or to learn budgets don't always budge. Love the song, the video is a little 'unique', but the song is awesome!

    I'm looking forward to my second day of quiet with all the kids back in school before this evening starts the rat race of after school activities. Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Oh, we've been having a hard time trying to "budge" our budgets, too. My SIL is getting married in two weeks, and I've finally realized I cannot afford to be her bridesmaid. And it's too late to back down now.
    My 6 year old got a haircut today. He used to have the most delicious curls, but now his hair is SO thick. Even the hairdresser today kept exclaiming about how thick it was. My two year old did not get a haircut today. He's got such soft hair still, and I just want him to grow it like a rock star!

    Love that picture, btw. Gorgeous! <3

  4. lovely post! and i am a huge fan of 'of monsters and men'. i am your newest follower and would love for you to check out and follow my brand new blog the big green parenting experiment!
    Cheers and well wishes to you!



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