hanging an oxford comma...

posted on: 8.07.2012

On these last days of summer.

They were long and lazy, fast and hurried, and they were good, those summer days. And we snuck in just a few more sweet moments and hung them on the long run on sentence of memories that this summer has become.  Unnecessary, perhaps, but sweet still to pause one last time before summer's end, like an oxford comma eagerly hanging on.  

And so the boys and I, and our family friends spent the weekend camping in historic Kahana Bay where we watched both the moon and the sun rise over the Pacific and wondered about the days ahead for just a bit, but where, mostly, we engaged in the sweetest sort of living, for just a moment, you know, the very shortest of pauses really, before the days shorten and life moves on and fall moves in. 

The sun.

Kahana Bay.

A teensy tinsy fishy and Sean.

A tent with a view.

And this.  A sort of melodic comma, a pause... Unnecessary, perhaps, but maybe, if you play it in the background of your living today, you'll find yourself standing still, for a moment.  

A sort of looking back before falling forward into the days ahead.

live sweet,



  1. Your writing wraps around me.

  2. I just love this post! And your blog! I grew up on the Big Island but have lots of fam in Laie so we always go back. That Kam hwy drive is one of my faves in the world. I've never camped at Kahana but I did get lost in the valley once :) That was an adventure...good times.

  3. gosh i love your photos nicole! they just make me happy!

  4. Beautiful photos! Ahhh it's been a while since I've lived on an island, but I remember how beautiful everything was. I'm also a John Butler Trio fan...thank you for sharing this video.


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