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posted on: 8.11.2012

we're on together, you and me... we.

We don't go this way alone, ya know?  It may feel that way at times, like no one else could possibly know how hard the road or how cruel the challenges that seem so uniquely ours.  Between you and me and every other living soul is a shared journey, and I am truly honored to be here, this go-round with you.

I'm off to watch our Tyty play a game of baseball and learn a bit more about what it means to be a part of a team, to take swings and make hits that sometimes serve no other purpose than to help get your teammates a bit further along.  

And as we settle in to enjoy our weekend and to get ready for the new week this is a story we will keep in our souls.  If ever there were a story worthy of taking up a bit of soul space, I think this would be it.  

If you'd like, you can learn more about Spencer West and his climb to the top of Kilimanjaro this summer in support of Free The Children's sustainable water initiative here.

You can enter this week's giveaway here and see who won last week's beach bag giveaway here.

And... Happy Weekend too!

live sweet, 



  1. Stumbled in and enjoyed my visit! I look forward to following and reading more! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Nicole, I linked Rising Tide Yoga to you, if you can, please delete me.I have been seriously hacked on my website, and I'll take it down this week with the help of tech support. I am SO frustrated. Jack and I have spent days on trying to fix it. I think when the time comes to return to the internet, I may return as a blog. I have 83 posts that somehow I'm trying to save.

    I love your blog.

  4. I really needed a little inspiration this morning! Happy Sunday :)

  5. I absolutely love this site! Found you on the Weekend Blog Hop! I am now following!



  6. Great post friend!

    julie @ naptime review

  7. My trials are NOT insurmountable!! Thanks for the reminder! I love Spencer West's story and his inspiring campaign to Redifine Possible!! Thanks for sharing Sis :)

  8. Found you through the Aloha Blog Hop. Such a great idea and a fantastic way to help bloggers get to know each other. Thanks for doing it! I'm excited to follow along!

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  19. What a beautiful post Nicole! I love this video - I've seen it before. And can I just add, I LOVE Nelly Furtado and this song in particular.

    I'm visiting from Naptime Review's Operation Fabulous and I'm following you via GFC. Be sure to check out our Summer Reading Weekly Book Giveaway if you haven't seen them! Cheers!


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