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posted on: 7.21.2012

Happy Weekend.

So, yeah, it's Friday and we should smile a little more this weekend, don't ya think-- just a teensy tinsy bit, so, well, okay, here ya go...

Two guesses as to what this is a photo of.
Hint, it'll bring a sweet smile right to yo face. Yo.

Photo courtesy of LAist and the answer for those, like myself, who might be puzzled can be found here.  
(And to that sweet blogger who I met like, just now and on whose blog I was first introduced to this genius invention... well I so apologize 'cause I tried and tried to retrace my steps but I'm one of those girls who gets lost going down the street and so I couldn't find my way back to ya and if you see this and you know it's you I'm thinking of and you who introduced me to the awesomeness pictured here please do drop me a line so that I might give credit where it's due and also huge thanks for the intro-- you have changed my life, sort of.)

Did ya take a look?  How freakin' cool is that?

And this, this is loads of fun to watch before heading out to the pool to escape the summer heat.

And, see ya tomorrow when we peek into the bag of this sweet blogger right here.  She's clever and from California and sure to make ya giggle til a smile spreads sweetly across your face.

live sweet,


  1. I've heard rumor of those cupcake shenanigans in NYC. Wild. Simply wild. ~Deirdre

  2. :) my friend and her son stood in line for an hour and 45 min for two cupcakes... He didn't like them but she did:)


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