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posted on: 7.12.2012

I'm uploading like a gazillion photos and it's taking FOR-ever and so I've decided to jot down some thoughts here while I wait, and wait and wait and wait.wait.wait.wait.wait...

I guess you probably get, by now, that I'm currently in a state of waiting.  Which is not an all so bad kind of place to be 'cause you know it kind of opens up the moments for a bit of really anything you'd like.  'Cause technically I'm already loading photos so if someone were to call and I were to oh perhaps, not just let it go to voicemail and were to actually pick up and they were to ask "hey, what are you doing"  I could huff and puff and tell them how I was "oh so busy" loading photos. And I could really blow up that task til it sounded like "oh she's so very busy" which I am you know, busy, with actively loading photos and all, except not so much actively

So, I just freed up a whole ten minutes, seriously there are a ton of photos and they are loading very suh-low-a-lee.  Oh sure, I could throw in a load of laundry or make up a bed or two but ya know, I think I'll just accept these minutes as a gift.  A whole teensy weensy chunk of time wrapped in a pretty little bow tied package.  And I think I'll watch those photos load and unwrap each little memory and savor each little bite and maybe take a trip with Alice through the picture inspired looking glass.  Wanna come? 

The rocker on the lanai of the cottage we stayed in over the weekend.  Little Seanzy rocked here for, like... ever.

Can ya read the words someone wrote on the inside of that old World War II bunker I found myself in here?  "2012 Rockin' Summer, Mark Soandso"... Well said Mr. Soandso.  

And, also... Rock on!
Casting long shadows in the morning light and feeling "oh so" big and then standing near the sea and realizing it's "oh so much" bigger.  

And, okay, yeah fine, so one long shadow does not a big deal make-- that might be good to remember on a particularly shadowy day, except most likely I'll forget by then.  And I'll likely stand looking at a shadow cast across my life at some point and will be overwhelmed thinking "whoa really big huge deal, giant shadow here" and I'll forget that simply by turning around to walk towards the sun you eliminate any shadows from the path in front of you. Wow, that sounds like it could be good to know, in life, sometimes, ya know?  Yup, and now I am so totally sure I won't remember this fancy little thought next time I need it most.  

And isn't life funny that way? 


See how picturesque, this horse by the sea?

See what he is doing here?  
Yeah, he's turning himself so as to kick sand into my camera lens.  
Not nice Mr. Horsie.  Not nice.

More ancient symbols found on the World War II bunker.  I believe this is a message from the "polka dottie hand and goat cheese" tribe.  They're a fierce bunch for sure.

Clearly the henchmen of the "polkadottie hand and goat cheese" tribe are planning their next move.

Don't be fooled by his "oh I'm just a cute little toddler" giggles.  Clearly what we have here is the mastermind of the group.

Old habits are well, hard to break.  These local boys took their slippers off and left them by the front door of the hotel room-- so local.

He sleeps.  We found this little guy sleeping on the beach outside our cottage.  And, took it as a sign, you know, that all is well with the world and such.

live sweet,


  1. Bwahahahaha! i do the same thing with the slippers!

  2. Oh such cute pictures. He looks adorable. I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

  3. thank you for a much needed reminder of the sweetness of life. well done, well said, well lived.

  4. Enjoyed reading this little pick me up today! I'd give almost anything to end my day by saying good night to a sea turtle :) Looking forward to the link up tomorrow!


  5. Those sandy beach pics have me longing for a tropical vacation!!!!!

    Yes, bodies down the street. I guess cleaning the garage was just in time for possibly LISTING THE HOUSE TO SELL! My gosh!

  6. Great pics and words. Very beautiful!

    julie @ naptime review


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