i've got nothing...

posted on: 7.17.2012

Unless, and, or, perhaps, maybe this... this could be something.

Am I really the only person in the whole entire world who has ever sat down to write a post or a book or a letter or a... and really seriously drew a blank.  'Cause sometimes I do feel like I've landed on a deserted island and the only one home is well... geesh, it's so deserted here I'm not even sure that I'm home.

  Oh, I'm talking huge blank here guys.  BIG, huge "I've got nothing" and "why do I even bother" and "what's the meaning of life" and "my life is so completely over"... BUH-lank?  Is that just really dramatic guys?  'Cause I don't mean it in a really dramatic way, oh, why certainly not... I mean it in a really completely ridiculously dramatic sort of way.

The funny thing is I was up at one in the morning the other night and the creative juices were flowing and I kept saying "hey, that would be a great idea" and "that would too" and "that one" and... well, it was all so easy, the coming up with all things brilliant, but then again don't all ideas look oh so brilliant in  that "one in the morning" light, well, they were all a comin' all at once and so I thought pshhh "this week'll be a cinch" and "I won't even bother to work on any 'work' stuff right now" and "I'll just watch another episode of Law And Order season 'who cares I've seen them all' reruns", 'cause really why else would I be up at one in the morning.  Netflix instant play-- boosh.  

Well, low and behold I sat down to write this morn and well... I've got nothing.  I've tried changing my perspective, looking at the screen from the right and then the left, with a cup of coffee in my hands, with coffee down, with a cup of coffee balanced precariously on my head... still nothing. 

And, just when I was amassing a pile of pillows to facilitate assuming a "standing on my head" sort of a perspective well, I flipped through the gazillion and one photos I have saved and well, I found this.  
Perhaps maybe this... this could be something.

This is Bacon.  
As in, some tweens wondered by and asked me what his name was 'cause I, in my little heels and ruffly top clearly screamed, "Four H Volunteer Information Person" to them and so I responded with the most appropriate name I could think of, off the cuff and all... "Why this here's BACON".  Giggles.  And feeling oh so clever and ready to take my made up "Four H Volunteer Information Person" job on the road-- I've always wanted a job with travel benefits, I moved over to the cattle stall and waited a VERY long time for no one at all to ask me about "Filet Mignon". 
But, really this here's not anything, right?  Yeah, it's pretty much nothing.  And even if it had potential as a "Our afternoon at the Hawaii State Food and Farm Fair" post, well I don't think I could complete the thought and so once again I've got nothing.

Unless, and, or, perhaps, maybe this... this could be something.

Here's a giggle worthy list of other potential post titles I saved and now really probably couldn't tell ya what I had intended for them, except that now when you just list them they are all so ridiculously random that, maybe, perhaps they're something-- if just a good giggle.

Posts that will never EVER be-- mostly 'cause I don't know what the hey I was thinking when I came up with these titles:

when a toddler chants "pee, pee, pee..."
(seriously there's potential here guys, don't ya think)

dear father...
(okay, clearly this was gonna be very funny, you'd have to know my dad and how very unlikely a letter to him would be)

you put the lime in the...
(if you just whisper- shouted "CO-co-NUT!", we're all in real trouble here, and also I'm pretty sure we'll be best friends forever)

i'm with the noodles...
(um yeah, this was gonna be something about the boys, and by boys I mean ALL three, coming across the big Walmart at me with boinging foam noodles like, as if, there were nothing cooler in all the world.  And, also watching the lady at check out scan them all-- good times)

down dog, up cat...
(no idea here, really)

and then I was like... what?!
(this was probably going to be a post about just another oh so average day in this house)

in case of emergency pull...
(possibly and also sadly, the next line was likely going to be... "my finger".  Clearly this was going to be Pulitzer worthy)

pin the tail on the toddler...
(... and other family night ideas)

And lastly, 'cause I'm sure I'm losing ya by now, If you have been sweet enough and let's face it silly enough to get this far...  I thank you for your time and for treating this "not so post" like an almost real post and here's one last title before we go...

just smile and wave boys...
(smile and wave.)

And that my darling dears is how to turn "I've got nothing" into almost something.  But, not really anything at all.

live sweet,


  1. Aloha!

    Always nice to meet a fellow island girl, although I'm not from Oahu, Kauai actually, but now I'm living on the mainland. Anyway I am following you from "Operation Fabulous!".


  2. Hi! I am your newest follower by way of Operation Fabulous!

  3. Following from operation fabulous

  4. hey there, found you from your link up with simply stavish and am back from operation fabulous ... i love your posts that will never be titles, too funny!

  5. Writing about nothing is something. In fact, this post about how you can't think of anything to write was enough to draw me in. I can totally relate. When I'm coming up blank, I try to go for a walk or clean or do something like that. Oftentimes, an idea just comes to me. As for the middle of the night ideas, I get them all the time. And if I don't write them down, they're gone forever. PS, I thought I was the only one who had tons of titles lined up in her queue.

    Found you at Naptime Review!

  6. LMAO - perfect! I love all of it! And I'm with ya on the coconut! ;)

  7. I draw blanks a lot! I will start typing words and I'm like "what is that?!?!" Stopping by from Operation Fabulous! I'm really liking your style!

  8. That is one funny, dynamic "got nothing" post. I think the blank-page (or blank-screen) phobia/syndrome/hysteria is a symptom of being a writer. Seriously, Nicole, it was a great post. Try reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, it's so very funny. It's a book about writing. Interestinly, I don't like the books she writes but the book on her process (lots of food, gnashing teeth, doodling, cleaning house) may make you smile big time.

  9. haha I get that way sometimes too. Usually it's more like I should but I'm to tired to think. lol

  10. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award go here for more details http://kathyshealthandfitness.blogspot.com/2012/07/versatile-blogger-award.html

  11. Love this! I never thought to post my saved-but-never-used blog titles...I think I would get a good giggle too! So girl this definitely IS something!

  12. Laughing ever so hard after reading this post. Following you from Operation Fabulous.

  13. OMG! I think I love you! You are TOO cute! I've totally been there by the way. Last week as a matter of fact, I was pretty much grasping at straws. I'm now following you through GFC and I found you through Operation Fabulous at Naptime Review!

  14. Haha I have a whole list of post titles that are just that...titles, nothing more. I never know where I'm going with them! And you're not the only one who blanks out--I've done that when trying to write posts many times.I laughed out loud at the "Bacon" story too,lol!


  15. I am so there with ya! Love this post totally made me laugh!! Thank you!!

  16. Oh my gosh. You are a crack up! So glad I found you through Op Fab. You are too funny. Good job getting me to read an dentire blog post about how you cannot think of anything to post, only to have me ROFL about the lime in the coconut and the "smile and wave boys" comment. Cuz that is one funny kids movie. Those penguins are hilarious. I think we will be good friends. FYI I love the wave them to your side bar and your profile pic. Now I have to redo mine, it's obviously not up to par. From one island girl to another: so glad I found you!!!

  17. I have so been there. But see, you pulled a post out of creativity...and that's awesome. I loved your title captures. = )



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