if i could save time in a...

posted on: 7.24.2012

big plastic inflatable ball...

 it'd look a little something like this.

And I'd color it every shade of "those were the good ole days, that summer of two thousand and twelve".  And it'd be filled to overflowing with giggles, and hushed secrets whispered oh so quickly on long summer nights, and with the numbering of good days, like bright stars, too many to be counted.

On that little note I'm off to do some shopping for a gazillion number two pencils and such.  

And maybe, you know, we'll catch just a few more sweet summer days in the nets we've laid before we have to pull them back in.

  School starts, in Hawaii, a week from this moment right here.  Sigh.  

live sweet,



  1. Now you saved that time on these pictures. At least a little bit :)

  2. IN A WEEK???????? OHHHH I'm sorry! We have three more weeks left!

  3. I can't believe we're back to school already! I just love your blog here...so stylish and fun:) It's great to meet you!
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

  4. I'd like to put my son's family in one of them and keep them safe and happy forever.

  5. Duh, I told Jack what amazing photographic skills you are developing, because I thought YOU put Ty in a bubble through Photoshop. Oh! So, it is a real ball. Duh.

  6. Tanks for dropping by my blog!!:D Just followed

  7. I'd like to float away in a bubble that big...Oh the places I'd go!!


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